LANDesk Software

The Future of LANDesk Software If you have worked in IT for very long, you have almost certainly come across, or at least recognize, the name LANDesk Software. The company was started in 1985 as [...]

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Understanding The ITIL Service Lifecycle

A Practical Guide to Using the ITIL Service Lifecycle Approach This a practical guide to using the ITIL Service Lifecycle approach. It is an approach to IT Service Management (ITSM) that organizations of all sizes can [...]

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Organizational Change Management

Why Your Tool Implementation Needs Organizational Change Management You scoped out your requirements for that new ITSM tool, created a comprehensive RFP, received and reviewed the proposals from several providers and selected the best possible [...]

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Why Do I Need Artificial Intelligence?

Mom and I have a running joke... that concerns her mom, my Grandma Lawson.  I remember Mom getting her first Teflon skillet, a Christmas present from my dad.  Well, really what I remember is my [...]

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Have Clearly Defined Processes And Who's Responsible This is one area that all of us must participate in at some point. As a services consultant and technical instructor, this is a concept that I cover [...]

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Have You Been Hacked?

Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity The technology that is bringing us the ‘Internet of Things’ is bringing with it, those who would seek to use that technology against us and against itself… and, it stands to reason, [...]

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FootPrints Service Core – Platform 12.x | Versions 12.00 thru 12.1.06

Setting Recurring Appointments that Generate New Tickets in FootPrints Abstract: In FP v11, the system had the capability for preventive maintenance where you could create a calendar appointment and have that recur and create the [...]

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A Technology Timeline

Technology is evolving... every day and whether we like it or not, it has become a huge and necessary part of our lives. The advancements in the tech industry have been proven to make us [...]

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Project Management Services

Increase Your Success Rate

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The Top 7 Reasons Your Service Desk is Terrible

Have You Evaluated Your Help Desk? In my 20 year IT career, as a former L1, L2, L3 and eventual Service Desk manager turned ITSM consultant, I’ve SEEN some things. I’ve been around the proverbial [...]

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