The Process of Incident & Problem Management

When Does an Incident Become a Problem? When does an incident become a problem? This is a question often found on an ITIL exam in one form or another. The answer, of course, is “never”. [...]

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The Value of Configuration Management

Understanding Value For the purpose of understanding the value of Configuration Management, we have to trace how value is added to transactions. The value transaction is important to the supplier because that is where value [...]

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6 Steps to Successful CMDB Implementations

6 Steps to Successful CMDB Implementations Have you been asked to implement a CMDB? Here are a few pointers for doing it successfully. Find the “low hanging fruit” where you will obtain the most benefit [...]

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Change Management

The Secret to Successful Change The secret is there isn’t one. There is no single aspect of Change Management that makes it successful. There is no right or wrong way design your Change Management process.I [...]

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Adding Custom Fields to Email Notifications

The Problem: As a Footprints Administrator, you have added a few custom fields to your Workspace Form. An example of custom fields might be something like First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. These fields [...]

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IT Asset Management

ITAM Introduction Organizations with low maturity in the processes that Configuration Management supports will not realize any value from Configuration Management activities. Financial Management of IT Services Availability Management IT Service Continuity Management Change Management [...]

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Working with Custom Packages Involving Scripts BMC Client Management has three methods of distributing packages to computers on the network: Custom Package MSI Package Snapshot Package MSI Packages allow you to work with an MSI [...]

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Business Rules

How to Clear Contact Fields with a Check-Box This business rule is used as a shortcut so agents may easily clear contact fields and/or other fields using a simple checkbox. The first thing we would [...]

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Working with Queries to Populate Device Groups, and Run Reports Good afternoon everyone, Queries are the most powerful tools that you can have within Client Management 12.x, as it allows you to populate information based [...]

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