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2019 has been a busy year for Flycast Sales Engineers. We continue to acquire skills for new products and offerings. Creating demonstration systems and use cases is and will continue to be an ongoing effort.  Of note this year has been our work with and on Ivanti solutions.

Earlier this year at the Ivanti Technical Conference in Salt Lake City, we were introduced to the new Unified IT message and the Ivanti Cloud. As you know, Ivanti covers a wide range of solutions with varying degrees of integration and interoperability. The messaging was concise and clear; the Ivanti Cloud means to disrupt. 

The Ivanti Cloud is a unified platform that easily connects solutions within each Ivanti pillar or other, third party products to deliver unique blended perspectives on your organization and environment. It provides real-time analysis so that you can see what is happening this second on critical systems in your environment. Smart Advisors provide actionable advice based on your own data.  Smart Advisors are the magic in Ivanti Cloud

Smart Advisors are developed by Ivanti and published in the Ivanti Cloud as they are released. There is no need to upgrade to take advantage of new Advisors, they are published to your instance automatically. The Advisors analyze your data and provide unique actionable advice including in many cases the ability to automate the implementation of the advice provided by Ivanti Cloud.

These unique views and advice will help our customers deliver unified IT in a way not previously possible.  The Sales Engineering team have been working on understanding this cutting-edge product as well as create a demonstration environment to help deliver on that Unified IT message. Not only are our Account Managers hearing this from prospects but the Ivanti reps as well. We are positioned well to deliver on this message in a presales capacity.

There are some exciting presales capabilities in the works regarding the other Ivanti pillars we haven’t previously been able to demonstrate or speak to. While it is difficult to be true “Subject Matter Experts” in every Ivanti pillar, we do expect to be able to demonstrate within each pillar during the third quarter of 2019. The Ivanti Cloud will be the visual representation of integrating all those components.


Bobby McCullough
Sales Engineer


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