Ivanti Asset Intelligence

Ivanti Asset Intelligence helps you enhance IT assets from receipt to retire by discovering and inventorying owned hardware and software assets, combining vendor data with B2B connectors and monitoring software license usage for intelligent business decision making. It provides a broad view of how users interact with assigned software applications to guarantee license compliance. Establish appropriate spending patterns on needed assets and limit overspending by identifying and reclaiming unused licenses.

Management of your IT assets can be a daunting job, especially with software audits happening more often. Improper installations lead to penalties including non-compliance, financial threats and a loss of productivity. Survive software audits that include fines, penalties, true-up costs, legal fees and negative publicity, as ivanti Asset Intelligence delivers detailed insight into your current software license usage to eliminate any possibilities of a failed audit. Stop typing in spreadsheets and start automatically importing, inventorying and tracking your hardware and software assets with Ivanti Asset Intelligence. You will harvest unused software licenses automatically to dramatically reduce IT spending.

Product details:

Automate Asset Discovery and Tracking
Automatic Discovery
B2B Connectors
Software License Monitoring
Valuable Reclamation