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If you’re not taking full advantage of your assets, they’re hurting your business. The majority of organizations have both IT hardware and software sitting around unused and drain your important resources. Stop paying for unnecessary licenses and devices! Some businesses and organizations do not have the resources to completely utilize their IT investments. Gain understanding into your IT capital is necessary to reclaim unused software, stay in compliance, and guarantee your assets aren’t wasting your money. Do more than simply track your assets; manage them. IT Asset Management, or ITAM, is about controlling your assets throughout their entire lifespan to make sure they are always being utilized correctly. Improperly managing your IT assets could result in a financial risk, non-compliance, hardware downtime, or security dangers.

Ivanti ITAM solutions convey an understanding of the assets that already exist within your network as well as new purchases. This powerful tool allows you to find the assets vital to your business, offers perceptions for more educated decision making, and make the most of your IT capital. The IT Asset Management Suite delivers solutions that can be custom-made to your specific needs and enhance your IT performance. Redeem unused software, reply quicker to audits, and tail lifecycle processes to comprehend your successful license position and optimize your hardware and software investments.

Withstand your next software audit with certainty. A deep insight into what software has been acquired and deployed is important to bearing an audit. Ivanti ITAM solutions have given a more civilized approach to what used to be a confusing process.

  • Save Money – Lessen costs from license overbuying and rogue investments. Take a breather knowing you won’t get slapped with excessive fines or true-up costs.
  • Product Productivity – Some audits can last more than a year, stopping work and costing you money. Ivanti helps you lessen the impact.
  • Accurate Reporting – Create correct, vendor-specific information to view your present state of compliance.
  • Knowledge Is Power – Gain insight into your effective license position. Know everything possible about your software licenses.

Understand what’s in your IT infrastructure. With inventory management capabilities and network discovery solutions from Ivanti, you can find all devices on your network. Trace devices in any location across the Internet and all applications on each device. And make sure you can handle that coming software audit.

  • No Manual Labor – Let automation take the place of hand-operated management. Find devices swiftly in real time on any network segment.
  • Find All Software Assets – Profit from an all-inclusive list of all software with broad usage data.
  • Inventory Internet-Attached Devices – Inventory systems and devices in virtual places as they link via the Internet. No VPN necessary.
  • Visualize Data And Generate Customized Reports – Analyze inventoried information with data visualizations or generate specific reports to make knowledgeable decisions.
  • See The Connections – Visualize the partnerships between devices, software, assets, and the end-users.
  • Don’t Miss A Thing – Like an uninterrupted network neighborhood watch; if something is there, you’ll find it and inventory what’s on it.
  • Discover Rogue Access Points – Specifies an endpoint on each subnet automatically to locate any wireless access points that exist on your network.

Get total control over all your assets. Servers, desktops, laptops, printers, and software. Regardless of the size of your business, adequately governing IT assets your staff use is difficult.

  • Asset Detection – Find and store new buys along with owned hardware and software so you know what you have and where it is through the entire lifecycle
  • Boost Productivity – Provide end users the accurate solutions at the correct time, lessen systems downtime, and schedule hardware updates to budget accordingly.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs – Effortlessly find what hardware must be bought, refreshed, and preserved to lessen costs and keep your assets in good health.
  • Maximize Asset Use – Gain knowledge of what assets are accessible and on hand to guarantee it’s not sitting on the shelf.
  • Flexible Asset Management – Better data means you can make better decisions on-the-go. Import and trace warranty, lease, and contractual data automatically.
  • Automated Processes – Having an apparent and actionable path for events such as onboarding and offboarding guarantees your assets and staff are the most effective.

You can’t control what you don’t know about. Most organizations cave in because they don’t know specifically what hardware and software assets live in their environment. Guarantee your assets are being used to their fullest potential with Ivanti ITAM solutions.

    • Automatic Discovery – Find hardware and software assets automatically that are linked to your network.
    • License Optimization – Knowledge about your software usage means you can swiftly find and restore underutilized licenses and those not being used.
    • Minimize Downtime – Get rid of extended downtime from hardware failures through well-timed maintenance and replacement workflows.
    • Automated Workflows – Automate workflows to meet the IT needs of new hires on their first day. Also prevent ex-employees from walking off with assets, licenses, and other company property.

Ivanti ITAM Solutions

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