Setting Recurring Appointments that Generate New Tickets in FootPrints

Footprints Service Core - Platform 12.x | Versions 12.00 thru 12.1.06 Abstract: In FP v11, the system had the capability for preventive maintenance where you could create a calendar appointment and have that recur and [...]

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A Technology Timeline

Technology is evolving every day and whether we like it or not, it has become a huge and necessary part of our lives. The advancements in the tech industry have been proven to make us [...]

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Project Management Services

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The Top 7 Reasons Your Service Desk is Terrible

In my 20 year IT career, as a former L1, L2, L3 and eventual Service Desk manager turned ITSM consultant, I’ve SEEN some things. I’ve been around the proverbial block when it comes to Service [...]

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Why Did You Buy It? Getting The Most From Your Service Management Platform

As more and more companies purchase new service management platforms, or make changes to their existing platforms, one thing has become quite clear. Companies are hesitant to explore options outside of the pre-built content within [...]

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ITIL, SLA, and Triage

Ah, yes, the good ol’ days. A customer calls into the Service Desk, opens a ticket, the ticket gets classified and worked, potentially being resolved on the same call. When it couldn’t, it was worked [...]

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Men are from Mars, & Women Solve Problems

I do believe that women and men are equal; yet uniquely different.  One of the ways in which this difference is manifested is in the way that women and men approach problem solving. This can [...]

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How Do You Face Problems in Your Organization?

In most organizations, Problem Management is an afterthought if addressed at all, however, it is a critical process to improve efficiency and overall service to your customers. Understanding the root cause for the day to [...]

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When You Speak, Who Listens?

Chances are, you’re reading this post from your phone or tablet. Technologies that were non-existent for our elders, and that have kept on growing to the point of being virtually a “requirement”, are everywhere. Who [...]

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ITIL – The ITSM Bible?

It has often been suggested that ITIL is the bible for IT Service Management. Indeed, there are some similarities. And also some differences! Consider the following: Many quote from the books, fewer have actually read [...]

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