Problem Management

How Do You Face Problems in Your Organization? In most organizations, Problem Management is an afterthought if addressed at all, however, it is a critical process to improve efficiency and overall service to your customers. [...]

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Internet of Things And You

When You Speak, Who Listens? Chances are, you’re reading this post from your phone or tablet. Technologies that were non-existent for our elders, and that have kept on growing to the point of being virtually [...]

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ITIL: The ITSM Bible

Is ITIL the ITSM Bible? It has often been suggested that ITIL is the bible for IT Service Management. Indeed, there are some similarities. And also some differences! Consider the following: Many quote from the [...]

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Blog Series: FootPrints How-to Easy Install

Part 3: 3 Steps Before The Install PART 6. continued URIEncoding – Config tomcat server.xml. To ensure search operations in FootPrints Service Core work correctly Tomcat needs to be configured to support UTF-8 encoding of [...]

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Blog Series: FootPrints How-to Easy Install

Part 2: 3 Steps Before The Install 4. Install Java 8. Java 8 is required to be installed on the Application server. Java 8 must be installed prior to installing Tomcat and FootPrints. Instructions for [...]

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The Ultimate Dashboard

Service Management Dashboard Would you want the dashboard in your car to only tell you how many speeding tickets you have received or how many times you had a flat tire or ran out of [...]

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Organizational Change Management

Realizing Success In 2016 with Organizational Change Management Most organizations have already mapped out the changes they need to make to be successful in 2016. Projects for new services, tools, technology, and processes have already been [...]

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Blog Series: FootPrints How-to Easy Install

Part 1: 3 Steps Before The Install There are several steps that must be done prior to installing Footprints v12. The following is the list of these pre-requisites and the supporting links to the document(s) [...]

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Smart Devices And Your Information

The Mind and its Extensions Virtually all reading this post will attest to owning at least one, likely several, Mobile devices. Tablets and Phones have become virtually as ubiquitous as articles of clothing for all [...]

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Why Turn to Enterprise Service Management?

Enterprise Service Management could revamp your entire business model with the right ESM advisers assisting in your IT and non-IT internal transformation. Our ESM consulting service focuses on enabling organizations to develop these capabilities through [...]

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