BMC Control-M, a digital business automation solution, simplifies and automates diverse batch application workloads from a single point of control. It maximizes automation by providing cross-application and cross-platform scheduling abilities. This solution makes it easy to build and monitor workflows through a graphical interface that provides a solitary point of control for all enterprise batch tasks. Control-M operates in a hybrid environment including mainframe, distributed systems, virtual machines, cloud, and mobile.

Pressure is intensifying for IT organizations to modernize and bring applications and new business servers faster than ever. BMC Control-M will decrease workload automation costs by up to 25% or more with automation that better supports your business needs. Accelerate app implementation by as much as 80% by automating the job and workflow change process, improve service delivery by 50% or more, steadily meet or surpass service level agreements, remove business risk with business policies, analytics that permit corrective action to workload slowdowns and failures, improve customer service and reduce service desk costs by at least 30% by extending service views to business users.

Whether you are driving supply chain abilities, accomplishing the important company payroll, or running any other diverse batch workloads, making sure visibility, as well as dependability, and SLA performance demands single-point automation and management of job scheduling across various types of systems. Managing these workloads generates the need to acknowledge real-time processing and to distribute necessary services. BMC Control-M allows you to realize how important big data is and makes managing workflows in an expandable way easier.

Product details:
Automated agent and client deployment
Runtime analytics
High availability
Automated promotion
Workflow automation
Usage alerts
Big data workflows
Time-saving global calendar

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