BMC Discovery

BMC Discovery, formerly ADDM, is a digital enterprise management solution that automates asset discovery and application dependency mapping to build a holistic view of all your data center assets and the associations between them. Each scan investigates the information and dependencies for all software, hardware, network, storage, and versions, providing IT with the framework needed to create an application map from any piece of information about it. A lightweight footprint allows IT to map applications with up to 100% accuracy in 15 minutes or less.

Maintaining data center asset and dependency information is a challenge. Application mapping depends on accurate asset accountability and without it, data center decisions are based on best guesses. With Discovery, IT can quickly connect infrastructure and software to see how it impacts the business to improve capacity, guarantee stronger security and optimize service, change, and problem management. Discovery is so much more than a data center asset discovery solution; it provides a single point of entry to all components of the IT infrastructure, start-anywhere application mapping, open discovery, event-driven updates, and covers 3,500+ data center assets.

Product details:

Seamless CMDB Integration
Reference Library
Discovery For Storage (optional add-on)