BMC FootPrints Service Core

Deliver automated end-to-end services with BMC FootPrints Service Core; a powerful tool that is easy to install, use, and support. The automated workflow simply initiates, routes, manages incidents and services increasing overall productivity. The drag and drop feature requires no programming and the track compliance feature is a visual reporting tool that enables instant insight. BMC FootPrints Service Core allows for integration with authentication, emails, and external data sources. It also comes with an option to deliver endpoints faster using simple integration with BMC Client Management.

IT organizations are under constant pressure to deliver business and IT services quickly, with limited resources. They also struggle with a manual and decentralized approach to securely managing processes, business services, and assets. This leads to resource-intensive, redundant, and inefficient process execution that does not meet user expectations and could lead to security vulnerabilities. BMC FootPrints Service Core solves this by increasing visibility and automating workflows, giving IT organizations the control necessary to continuously improve service delivery and manage IT assets while driving efficiencies, controlling costs, maintaining compliance, reducing IT vulnerability and minimizing financial risk.

BMC FootPrints Service Core has six times faster implementations compared to industry standard. The features in BMC FootPrints Service Core reduces hardware and administration, lowering the cost of ownership. It empowers the workforce and the upgrades never modify configurations, taking only minutes to run. BMC FootPrints Service Core is personalized for each organization providing the most relevant data for maximum productivity.

Product details:

Incident Management
Problem Management
Change Management
Service Request
Service Portfolio
Knowledge Management
Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
Workflow Automation
Executive dashboards and business analytics
Visualization and reporting