To benefit completely from your IT Service Management solution obligates you to have the capacity to deliver the effectiveness to an extensive range of users with separate roles in the business. Because of the intricacy of the tool, the hefty amount of end users, and the vast assortment of everyone’s needs, this could be very difficult. BMC FootPrints clarifies this process increasing productivity for your IT staff.

BMC FootPrints v12: Simple But Powerful

BMC FootPrints is effortless to own, design, and broaden because of the service desk automation, adjustable licensing privileges, and the aptitude to maintain processes as your organization grows. If you leave the normal duties to FootPrints v12, such as email, automated progress for confirmation and ticket tracking, etc., your service desk staff will be able to focus more on the issues that really matter to your business.

BMC FootPrints v12 is one of the most sought-after service management solutions because of the confirmed rapid time to value, out-of-the-box best-practice guides, and basic hardware essentials. It allows you to exceed service desk essentials with simple to use assimilations and provides you with the ability to administer fixes for project management, bug tracking, HR, facilities, and more.

BMC FootPrints v12: Service Desk Features

  • Service Desk
  • Change Management
  • Service Catalog and Portfolio Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Configuration Management Database
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reporting
  • Mobile
  • Service Level Management
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Unlimited Portals
  • Client Management Integration
  • Dynamic SQL Link

BMC FootPrints v12: How It Benefits Your Organization

There are several benefits to implementing BMC FootPrints v12 into your environment. It has 6 times quicker implementation time compared to the industry standard and the reduced hardware and regulation needs lessen the price of purchase. This tool boosts production because of the automation and the capability to set up IT, HR, Facilities, Customer Support, and more quickly to give you empowered personnel.

In BMC FootPrints v12, the fast and smooth upgrades never change arrangements and it has automated workflows that are simple to install, program, and conduct incidents and services. This solution does not need any programming and encompasses mobile effectiveness complete with a simple interface. It has compelling integration abilities that enable you to link with authentication, email, and external data sources as well as the ability to distribute endpoints quickly via uncomplicated integration with BMC Client Management.

This service desk software allows you to automate operations across your business by consolidating your organizations’ services and customizing views based on your specific part of the organization. Effortlessly implement and automate any process with drag-and-drop workflow layout including guidelines and validation making it easier to continue process steadiness across the organization. BMC FootPrints allows you to promptly make decisions and curtail interruption to your organization with integrated impact evaluation. This analysis allows you to proactively arrange system updates, alert affected users, and bypass crucial service calls as well as correspond productively with the organization.

Other Key Benefits:

  • Real-time report formation with absolute data, charting, and publishing options
  • Integrated navigation with tabs, breadcrumbs, and wizards
  • Out-of-the-box IT Service Management and other business procedures
  • Simply export arrangements from a test environment and import into construction
  • Drag-and-drop form makers for any record category including ticket, service, and email templates
  • Appoint reports and select your delivery choice
  • Create reports based on saved search norm
  • Integration instantly builds and amends tickets for asset problems

BMC FootPrints v12: Personalized Working Experiences

BMC FootPrints produces individualized working encounters for your staff and IT to grow their efficiency and enhance user happiness to give more than worth to your organization. It conveys a new and pliant user interface. Exhibit many object classes in one look such as incidents, problems, and changes and personalize the self-service portal according to a user’s function in the business.

Your everyday jobs are different from your service desk administrator and may not be the same as the agents sitting next to you. BMC FootPrints v12 allows you to observe the data that is most pertinent to you in the form that you choose as well as individualize for each staff member or assure a certain view for a particular department.

Once logging in, the user is given the console(s) appointed to his or her task. The user can further customize the console, such as shift the design or adding anchors for quick access to links or records they refer to often plain drag-and-drop actions. In BMC FootPrints, personalization is bound to the information and functionality that the user is sanctioned to access. For example, a service desk agent can see only those incidents assigned to him or her.

Because of its all-inclusive ability, FootPrints can be utilized by multiple groups within IT as well as by business departments outside of IT. In many cases, these groups want to keep command of their own processes and data. With FootPrints, teams can produce self-contained situations called workspaces, in which they execute their business process automation. Each workspace has individual user portals, workflows, forms, reports, and dashboards and separate information base which offers real disassociation of user groups to guarantee secrecy and security.

Users can be given access to several workspaces which permits the implementation of better end-to-end processes that include the involvement of numerous groups such as when onboarding a new hire. Departments are able to originate and multiple workspaces on their own because of the how easy FootPrints v12 makes it for them to make individualized user portals, forms, reports, dashboards, and workflows.

BMC FootPrints v12: Easy For Your Administration Team

The current IT Service Management tools are deeply complicated and satisfy a broad and different user community that contains both IT and non-IT users. Each user department has various demands about the data and usefulness group associates desire from the ITSM solution to do their jobs. To utilize the full ability of the ITSM tool, administrators must give personalized abilities. This requires making each user set personalized surroundings with a personalized view, sense, and content. Because of the extensive range and deep extent of abilities and information provided by present-day ITSM solutions mixed with the numerous unique user positions and user access gadgets, this can be extremely difficult. BMC FootPrints is an IT Service Management tool that answers this challenge.

This progressive solution permits administrators to smoothly invent an infinite quantity of distinct user portals utilizing easy drag-and-drop movements in a perceptible environment. Each portal embodies consoles, records, diagrams, and workflows. The administrator sees a viewable image of the portal as it is being produced and FootPrints v12 leads the administrator throughout the entire process. There is no programming or scripting required therefore administrators can completely optimize the full potential of the tool.

Administrators can generate a customized portal for each separate user set to oblige the broad variety of groups while guaranteeing uniformity within each group.

Key Benefits For Administrators:

  • Expanded time to value of fresh BMC FootPrints v12 installations
  • Enhanced quality for existent installations with extra modern characteristics for current and new user environments set up to adapt to recent user groups
  • Individualized administrator efficiency with customized consoles

IT Service Management tools were Think how ITSM solutions have evolved since their early incarnations as help desk solutions. They were originally formed to aid help desk agents in governing incidents and problems. Over time, these solutions have quickly broadened in both deepness and range. Currently, ITSM tools are obtainable that reach across an extensive scope of IT studies and processes containing the incident, problem, configuration, change, release, software license, event, knowledge, and asset management. These solutions implement, arrange, and automate approaches that embrace diverse IT studies and groups, incorporating actions across groups to nurture cooperation. The tools have magnified in area and complication as well as in the amount and kinds of users that need to access them. This encompasses IT users such as service desk technicians, applications support staff, operations personnel, change management staff, IT managers, and end-users who input incident tickets and solicit IT services.

Also, various users want to use distinct access gadgets such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Sometimes, non-IT departments also want to automate the following of their business assignments, depending on IT administrators to empower non-IT procedure owners (such as human resources, facilities, accounting, or purchasing) to establish their own automated tracking approaches using applications initially bought for ITSM intentions. Consequently, administrators are now burdened with running difficult ITSM programs that satisfy an immense and various community of users with a spacious diversity of access gadgets. The administrators must guarantee they can take full advantage of the data and efficiency of the tool and exhibit it to users in a way that best supports the users’ tasks.

Administrators must supply each user part with an environment that is customized to that role. That necessitates providing the right mixture of content and usefulness to users in a style they comprehend. BMC FootPrints v12 gives advanced ease to administrators in governing this tool and conveying its broad strength to users. It covers administrators from the solution’s fundamental complication. Administrators utilize straightforward visible drag-and-drop actions to produce a diversity of various Web-based user portals to meet the needs of every user.

Each portal is individualized to the data and practicality demands of a specific user group founded on the group’s function in the business. The portal includes a customized user console that includes the forms, records, dashboards, and workflows relevant to the target user group. BMC FootPrints v12 offers the user portal visibility to the administrator as it is being invented. Therefore, the administrator sees exactly what the user will see.

To originate an element – such as a user console, form, report, dashboard, or workflow – the administrator chooses a guide from the large diversity of typical business models supplied out-of-box with BMC FootPrints v12. The administrator then composes the template as necessary to meet the necessities of the goal user group. Administrators can even reuse elements! For example, the administrator can recollect a formerly generated report, edit it, and save it under a different name for a separate user group. The capability to use already generated elements again increases administrator effectiveness.

Administrators can pick from an assortment of normal forms, reports, and dashboards delivered out-of-box, drag each chosen item to the wanted place on the console display, and then compose the console items to meet specific demands; without scripting or programming. Once developed, the administrator saves the console and appoints it to a user role. The administrator can delegate numerous consoles to a single role. For example, a service desk technician may be given entry to the service desk agent console and the end-user console.

BMC FootPrints v12 improves the already strong workspace ability. In prior versions, only one record type, such as incidents and its related form, could be incorporated in a workspace. Now, with FootPrints v12, the administrator can insert several record and form kinds in one workspace, easing user navigation.

BMC FootPrints v12 also enhances FootPrints Form Builder. With the prior version, the administrator could only originate incident tickets. Now, the administrator can generate a broad diversity of forms containing incident ticket, address book, knowledge base (solutions), service catalog (services), configuration items, service level agreements, and even emails that can include static and dynamic fields. The administrator selects the requested form from several routine business forms delivered out-of-box. They are then able to structure the form as needed.

The administrator can also make mobile forms. One of the essential skills of an ITSM solution is that administrators can originate workflows that arrange and automate procedures. With BMC FootPrints v12, administrators can generate even the most intricate IT workflows utilizing uncomplicated drag-and-drop. The administrator chooses a workflow template from the model workflow templates delivered out-of-the-box with FootPrints (these guides encompass a diversity of IT approaches as well as non-IT business procedures). FootPrints reveal the workflow which embraces the fundamental components (data containers such as Workspaces and Address Books, item definitions, business rules, reports, etc) needed to originate an environment for the preferred business method. The administrator can then arrange the workflow as needed to assist the separate approaches to the business.

Workflows are not restricted to IT workflows. Departments in the organization can also utilize BMC FootPrints v12 to execute workflows that arrange and automate their specific business procedures. Because workflow generation is viewable and does not require scripting or programming, non-IT users can carry it out. To produce a report, the administrator easily picks from any normal report templates and composes it; adding, editing, moving, or deleting fields as necessary.

The administrator can effortlessly make a dashboard from reports by choosing a model dashboard template and composing it. An individual dashboard can unite data from several reports. Complex business analytics join and change the data into information that is significant to the user, such as key performance indicators. The administrator can view the report or dashboard as it is being constructed, exactly as the user would see it. The glimpse is live which means it automatically accesses live data and incessantly refreshes the report or dashboard as the data alters. These purposeful reports and dashboards foster better-informed decision making but also empower IT to show value to the organization. IT is an important supporter of business value that is alongside the tactical leadership of the business.

BMC FootPrints v12: Integration With BMC Client Management

The integration between BMC Footprints and BMC Client Management is two-way; allowing for data to be pulled from BCM about the users’ endpoint as well as tickets in FootPrints to be created automatically when BCM detects a condition that the organization has determined. The FootPrints/BCM Integration has been designed from the ground up; the products had formerly been named Footprints Service Core (FootPrints) and Footprints Asset Core (BCM) as an indicator of their intended compatibility. The integration between these two was created to permit time and money-saving access to the endpoints in your environment from a single location, FootPrints, so that maintaining those endpoints, whether laptops, desktops, or servers (running Windows/Mac/Linux Operating Systems) can be performed as efficiently as possible. There is no VPN access required to perform these tasks against the users’ endpoint.

Key Benefits:

  • Integration is codeless requiring no scripting in either product
  • Integration permits pulling off current asset data into a FootPrints record for live interaction from within the FootPrints record
  • Integration permits leveraging FootPrints requests (tickets) to automate actions within BCM
  • Deployment of software (once the request is approved in BMC FootPrints if desired), including an update of license counts and closure of ticket used to make the request once completed
  • Activation or deactivation of endpoint capabilities (Thumb Drive use/Power
  • Management/Permitted Software, etc.)
  • Trigger automated patching
  • FootPrints leverage BCM data for the population of a CMDB within Footprints via automated scheduling of imports from BCM into the CMDB of Footprints
  • Pre-defined views are already built in BCM for leveraging within the Footprints CMDB for this purpose
  • Integration will permit requests for software deployment to be made via a Footprints ticket, which then uses a trigger to the actual deployment action within BCM, resulting in a truly ‘Hands Off’ experience for requesting software.

What Flycast Partners Can Do For You

Not only were we BMC Software North American Partner Of The Year for 2017, but we have also won FootPrints Partner Of The Year twice. Our roots begin early in FootPrints and we are proven experts with this product. We also provide BMC FootPrints v12 remote training that will qualify you as an administrator upon completion! Check out our training page for more information.

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