BMC Helix

Deliver everything-as-a-service with intelligent, omni-channel experiences in the cloud

In today’s enterprise, service management is human driven and resource intensive. ITSM systems and processes are manual, inaccurate, and slow, resulting in high costs and low productivity. Enterprise companies are migrating workloads to the cloud to spend less time on upgrades and achieve the flexibility to add compute power on demand. Companies expect easy and successful migration with reduced time and effort for upgrades and the ability to scale. As a category, service management is being disrupted by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), chatbots, and virtual agents, driving dramatic changes to the service experience. Business leaders are jumping in headfirst and applying these technologies to solve real business challenges and get a competitive edge in the market.

With BMC Helix, businesses can extend ITSM functionality into the intelligent, modern experience consumers demand: cognitive service management (CSM). CSM integrates emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning into the enterprise, transforming every layer of service delivery. This end-to-end cloud offer uses containers to allow customers to run in AWS, Azure, or BMC Cloud includes cognitive capabilities (Bots/AI/ML) and helps enterprises transform their service management from reactive to proactive and predictive, with increased accuracy and speed and reduced cost.


  • Cloud – Everything-as-a-service (Raas, Daas, DWPaaS & BWFaaS)
  • Containers – Run in your choice of multi-cloud (BMC, AWS, Azure)
  • Cognitive – Transform from ITSM to CSM by embedding cognitive capabilities


  • Helix Remedy
    • Remedy-as-a-Service delivers predictive service management through auto-classification, assignment, and routing of incidents; embedded multi-cloud capabilities to broker incidents, changes, and releases across cloud providers; and integrations with tools like JIRA to help operate in a DevOps model
  • Helix Business Workflows
    • Business Workflows-as-a-Service helps extend beyond IT to lines of business like HR, Facilities, Procurement, etc.
  • Helix Digital Workplace
    • Digital Workplace-as-a-Service provides omni-channel conversational experiences for end-users beyond the web to Slackbot, Chatbot, SMS, and Skype
  • Helix Discovery
    • Discovery-as-a-Service helps businesses discover assets and services across on-premises and multi-cloud environments (AWS, Azure, Open Stack, Google Cloud)
  • Helix Innovation Suite
    • Helix Innovation Suite helps companies extend, customize, and integrate through REST APIs from a cloud-native, micro-services-based platform