BMC FootPrints Service Core


BMC Software FootPrints Service Core

It’s Not Just For IT Service Management

When organizations start reviewing their needs for an ITSM (IT Service Management) tool, generally the focus is on tracking Incidents, Service Requests or Change Management tickets.  BMC Software FootPrints Service Core is easy to get set up for the IT Service Management, but people do not realize that the same features that make FootPrints an excellent ITSM tool also makes it a powerful work automation tool for other departments.

For instance, Human Resources groups regularly handle benefits, name changes, or another employee related request. Using the FootPrints Service Catalog, Business Rules and Quick Templates these types of applications are effectively presented to employees, promptly routed to the correct person for resolution and tracked for audit and compliance purposes. Or take a moment and think about Facilities Organizations; throughout the day employees need to report issues in the workspace, waste management issues, heating or cooling concerns, lighting issues or office moves. Again, using the same powerful functions and workflow automation options FootPrints allows issue tracking and quick resolutions for any matter or request.

When we use BMC Software FootPrints Service Core to automate workflow management for ITSM, Human Resources, Facilities and other business functions into a single tool, we then can create significant employee satisfaction by using one of FootPrints best features, the Service Catalog. In the Service Catalog, we can present all of the requests employees can submit into a single, logical and useful view for employees. With a well-designed system that integrates all business departments into FootPrints it is possible to create a single system that allows employees to quickly locate, submit and track all of their requests or concerns in one web-based portal, be it an IT Request, Human Resources Item, Facilities Concern, Accounting-Request or Other Items.

In my next blog, I will share my experiences integrating IT, HR, Marketing, Facilities and Accounting into a single tracking system that delivers an “easy to use” experience for end users that improves performance for support personnel.

About the Author:
Christopher Bradfield is a Software Consultant with FlyCast Partners with 25 years of experience in Information Technology and business management. An electrical engineer by trade, Chis has worked as a Desktop Support Professional, Satellite Communication Specialist, Server Administrator, Database Administrator, and Application Support Analysts. Chris has over 5 Years of Experience as Operations Manager for a Global Oil and Gas Company managing IT Support, Help Desk, Desktop Support, Infrastructure, and Budgets. Additionally, Chris has years of experience as Service Delivery Manager for a Global Chemicals company overseeing the delivery of IT Services, Contracts, Service Level Performance and Issues Escalations. Chris has spent his career working with all levels of the business from individual contributors Executives and Board Members. His experience allows him to easily connect all parts of the organization; not only as a consultant but also as a valued team member.


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