BMC Software Support

Flycast Partners BMC Software Support Services handle inquiries related to the following BMC products: BMC FootPrints & BMC Client Manager (BCM). Our team answers questions regarding the software, its features, how it works, troubleshooting, and Maintenance and Support Agreement renewals.

It is our mission to help you, our valued customer, realize the full potential of your BMC investment by providing world-class support. We are committed to consistently exceed your expectations by providing the highest quality of care, technical expertise, and professional courtesy. One of our goals is to make it easy for you to contact Support. You can submit an issue via three methods.

Email Support

Self Service Support

Telephone Support

For each specific support request, an incident number is created. If you call or electronically submit several different support requests, our BMC Software Support, or L1 Support, may create different incident numbers to track each request.

To ensure a faster resolution to your issue, please have the following information ready to provide to your Flycast Partners BMC Software Support analyst.

  • Incident Number
  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Product Name
  • Version Number
  • Product Serial Number (if available)
  • Operating System & Version
  • Database Version
  • Any Applied Service Packs
  • Any Applied Hot Fixes

Our general policy is that the Current and Prior releases are considered Active. Flycast Partners L1 Support will attempt to assist customers using Retired releases but may require a customer to upgrade to an Active release to provide effective support or to address a software issue.

Flycast Partners BMC Software Support provides comprehensive support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including published holidays) for Severity 1 issues. All Severity 1 issues must be reported via telephone.

You do not lose BMC’s patches, fixes, updates, or communities by choosing us for BMC Software Support. Our L1 Support simply substitutes BMC’s L1 Support. You will call Flycast Partners for all issues and Flycast will be your single point of contact. We can resolve the majority of issues before escalation. Flycast will work with BMC on all unresolved issues.

We do not outsource support analysts; all of Flycast Partners Analysts are United States based. We have the same SLA’s that BMC has for the ticket response, but our typical response and resolution rates are higher. We achieve exceptional KPI’s back from BMC quarterly. All of Flycast Support Analysts are certified by BMC. Most of our Support Analysts came from BMC’s higher tier support teams.

All Flycast Partners L1 customers have a dedicated Customer Success Manager, (CSM) assigned to their account to assist in their renewals as well as provide an extra level of customer services throughout the year.

Additionally, we have Flycast Partners Remote Administration Services (RAS) available for purchase. RAS allows you to focus on your primary business objectives rather than back-end systems expertise and effectively augment your staff with specific expert skills on the fly. This cost-effective approach allows you to quickly recognize ROI from your service management solution by being able to flex with the demands of your business. Combine RAS with L1 Support and Professional Services to access the full trifecta of Flycast Partners success enabling capabilities and to become a champion of service delivery within your organization!

Discount pricing on Maintenance and Support is available on prepaid multi-year contracts. For pricing information, contact your Flycast Partners Account Manager.

What is the difference between RAS and L1 Support? Support is incident management. RAS is request management. If it is broken or not performing like it did yesterday, call Support. If you need something new and do not need design or training services, call RAS. If you need design or training services in addition to configuration, call Professional Services.

Flycast Partners is the largest L1 provider for BMC FootPrints/BCM in North America. Our roots run deep with FootPrints and we have a strong relationship with BMC Leadership. Our awards from BMC include North America Partner Of The Year 2017 AND 2018, North America FootPrints Partner Of The Year 2016, and North American Velocity Partner Of The Year 2014.