BMC TrueSight

BMC TrueSight is powering the speed and agility of the customer-centric, digital enterprise. It streamlines your complex, digital service reality through data-centric, actionable intelligence and modernizes IT operations through broad vendor-agnostic support for the diverse, dynamic, ever-changing IT environment. TrueSight creates IT-business collaboration through a single, contextualized standpoint of the IT operations environment and improves services quality through the fast identification, isolation, prioritization, and resolution of business-impacting issues. Optimize costs and resources through efficient resource planning and utilization using TrueSight.

For IT organizations focused on managing and delivering applications and services at the speed of the business, the TrueSight portfolio of products offers unprecedented visibility into performance and utilization of the IT resources that fuel your digital services. TrueSight Intelligence is a cloud-based big data analytics platform that scales to discover, organize and analyze high volumes of volatile IT operations, service and business data in real time. TrueSight Pulse is a real-time SaaS monitoring and alerting solution that keeps high-speed applications and fundamental infrastructure running. TrueSight Capacity Optimization is a capacity management solution that aligns IT resources, with service demands, resulting in on-time service delivery and optimized costs. TrueSight Operations Management is a performance and availability management solution that goes beyond monitoring to handle complex IT environments and diverse data streams to deliver actionable IT insight that helps resolve issues before they impact business.

Product details:

Agentless Azure and AWS Cloudwatch monitoring
Real-time, streaming visualization
Rapid deployment
Easy to integrate, extensible, customizable
Machine-assisted pattern recognition that lessens false alarms and storms
Dynamic problem finding and solving that lessens manual triage and speeds up remediation
Automated, data-driven analysis that lessens the need to perform manual, rule-based reporting
Digital experience management that unites data and process silos to take charge and identify issues before impacting users
Bold pattern discovery and prediction that learns repeated behavior and prevents issues before they impact the business