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Web host connectivity tools bring your enterprise systems to the point of efficiency. Web-based applications enforce processes across your organization; whether storing, finding, putting away, and more. Ivanti’s browser solutions help workers do their job while taking advantage of the enhanced data-capture technologies accessible in your selected mobile devices, and interface with all common systems, including SAP, Oracle, and High Jump. CETerm, Industrial Browser, and VelocityCE are browser solutions that operate with your enterprise systems, guarantee productivity, and allows you to maximize your mobile devices.

Mission-critical mobility is about accomplishing the activities that drive your organization. Your workers function hand-in-glove with your supply chain management system, refreshing and behaving on data that your warehouse management system (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or other hosted application give you. CETerm from Ivanti is the desired mobile interface to these systems so your staff can complete the job at hand and get more finished. CETerm will conserve your IT budget, protect corporate information, give you adaptable implementation, enable you to use your selected mobility hardware, improve worker productivity, and free your internal assets.

CETerm Feature Highlights:

  • Terminal Emulation Support: 3270, 5250, VT220, V100
  • Integrated Web Browser: HTML support to web-based apps
  • Security: SSH (Secure Shell) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows CE 4.2– 6.0; Windows Mobile 2003 – 6; Windows XP
  • Data Capture Support: Barcode data, RFID, signature capture, magnetic stripe, scales
  • Multi-Session Support: Simultaneous Terminal Emulation and browser sessions
  • Application Control: Full-screen lockdown and configuration password control
  • Customization: JavaScript engine, hardware key re-mapping
  • Supported Communication Protocols: Serial, IrDA, Bluetooth, and Network printing
  • Localization: Western European and double-byte character languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, etc.)
  • Network Detection: Availability and exception management

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Product Description

You need to make sure your employees have the top solutions to get their tasks completed, yet model browsers that transport on many mobile computers lack in the areas that are the most important in your mission-critical initiatives. Ivanti’s Industrial Browser, powered by Wavelink, is created to seamlessly include the barcode scanning, RFID, and other data-capture technologies that advance the enterprise. Linking your Windows Mobile or Windows CE mobile computers to your SAP, HighJump, Oracle among other web-based systems is easy. Also, employees stay concentrated on your efficient tasks; without the interruptions and hazard of general web entrance.

Industrial Browser Feature Highlights:

  • Run Alongside Terminal Emulation
  • Run Multiple, Concurrent Sessions
  • Lock Down the Browser
  • Advanced Control of Barcode Scanning and Peripherals
  • Able to switch to “full screen” mode
  • Powerful Scripting and “Hot Keys”
  • Add Voice to Your Web Applications
  • Manage Your Deployment with Avalanche

Don’t allow a sluggish-operating web browser restrict the efficiency of your mobile staff. With Ivanti VelocityCE, powered by Wavelink, you get a protected enterprise browser created for mobile operating systems. Unlike web browsers that were created for PCs, then contrived to fit into mobile operating systems, VelocityCE provides an authentic enterprise mobile-oriented experience, adding the acceleration and quick-development abilities you rely on. Now you can generate strong, efficiency-empowering applications, seamlessly including data capture technologies such as barcode scanning, while providing usefulness that permits mobile employees to get more done, quicker.

VelocityCE Feature Highlights:

  • Mobile App That Works Faster
  • Develops Data Capture Applications Easily
  • Start Right Where You Left Off
  • Compatible With Your Host System
  • Use CSS Injections Or JavaScript Injections To Extend Capabilities
  • Ensure Productivity With Lockdown Capability
  • Device-Tailored User Experience

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