Business Rules


How to Clear Contact Fields with a Check-Box

This business rule is used as a shortcut so agents may easily clear contact fields and/or other fields using a simple checkbox.

  1. The first thing we would want to do is add a Boolean field checkbox to the appropriate web form:
  2. After checkbox has been added, be sure to save the form.
  3. Next, we will create a new “On Screen Business Rule”:
  4. Give your On Screen Business Rule a name, the State will be set to “Active”, Business Rule Schedule will be set to “Run Any Time”.
  5. Your Triggers will be set to “On Screen” with a box “On Create” and “On Update” checkbox’s selected:
  6. In the criteria category, the “Field” will be the name of the checkbox field you previously created in step 1. The condition will be “equal to” and Value will be checked:
  7. The Actions section will be set on the contact field values you wish to clear from the web form. Be sure to leave the “Value” field blank for any fields you wish to clear in these actions:
  8. After all of the changes have been made, be sure to save the business rule and publish the workspace.


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