Cherwell Asset Management

Cherwell Asset Management is designed for organizations looking to cut costs in software license spending, IT overhead and software audit risk. Seamlessly track and manage IT investments from purchase to retirement by integrating all the data related to hardware and software inventory, application usage, license entitlements and IT purchases. This product easily integrates with Cherwell Service Management, populating the Cherwell CMDB with IT asset data and providing service desk staff with necessary information for effective incident, problem and change management.

Unlike other software license management tools, Cherwell Asset Management uses a propriety software catalog to recognize the countless executables discovered on your network. Cherwell Asset Management’s computer inventory capabilities allow you to easily reconcile inventoried hardware and software with purchasing details, stay compliant with software license agreements, evaluate PC readiness for technology implementations, upgrades, migrations and seeing the presence of harmful or “nuisance” applications. Cherwell Asset Management provides comprehensive and detailed software usage statistics eliminating purchasing and supporting applications that aren’t being utilized. Being able to identify this unused software allows you to retire licenses, reallocate copies to users who truly need them, renegotiate software contracts and make better purchasing decisions saving an average of 15%-30% of your software budget. Cherwell Asset Manager automatically discovers the hardware and software installed on your Windows, Unix, Linux, and MAC OS desktops, laptops, and services so you are aware of what is installed, who is using it, and whether or not it’s properly licensed.

Product details:

Ascertain Your License Position
Budget Effectively For License True-Ups
Enforce Peak Usage Limits For Concurrently Licensed Applications
Identify Opportunities For Savings
Control Application Launches
Track Software Usage In Citrix, Virtual, and WTS Environments
Allocate Assets and Costs
Get Notified When Contracts Are Expiring
Comprehensive Computer (Hardware and Software) Inventory
World-Class License Compliance Management
Detailed Software Usage Analysis
Powerful ITAM Purchasing System
Microsoft SCCM Integration
Flexible, Intuitive ITAM Reporting
Accurate Software Recognition
Unparalleled Ease of Deployment and Use