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Leverage Cherwell Mergeable (mApps) To Promote Code

You have spent months developing a new enhancement in Cherwell for your organization.  All your code is contained within hundreds of blueprints and you just received QA signoff.  You are now asked to promote it all to production within a three-hour change window.  You do the math in your head and think, “It cannot be done!” Sound familiar? It can be done, with a bit of prework and testing.

Mergeable Applications, or mApps, is a powerful feature within Cherwell Service Management.  Though it may be confusing, misunderstood, and really, it is underutilized! Sure, you have been to the mAppExchange that houses a variety of content like HR Case Management, Facilities functionality, and even some third-party integrations.  However, you discover what you need does not exist, so you then decide to spend months creating it yourself.  Creating a mApp of your content to share it with the world may be your end goal, but why not also use it to promote those hundreds of blueprints at once within a few minutes?

The process is simple.  Develop your solution, save your blueprints, publish, test, fix, publish again and essentially follow the normal development life cycle.  Once all the requirements have been met and tested it is at that point you create your mApp in Cherwell Administrator.  If your content is new and not altering existing relationships, you should not run into too many issues outside the norm.  Keep in mind any content that cannot be included in a blueprint such as security groups, scheduled jobs, etc. and remember to recreate in the environment you are publishing to.

The result by leveraging a mApp is that you save hours, and in the case of having hundreds of blueprints, a weekend of promoting your code and your boss will rejoice! Now, imagine what you can do with implementations.

About the Author
Dean Pierce, a senior consultant at Flycast Partners, is the lead Cherwell developer and subject matter expert for the entire Cherwell Service Management platform. He is v3 certified, a certified ScrumMaster, a certified Cherwell Technical Implementer, and a NexGen certified professional.


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