Cherwell mApps

The Hours of Operation mApp now performs the necessary calculations to determine the current day’s Hours of Operation based on the OOB “8 to 5 Monday thru Friday” calendar and places them within a convenient expression that can be placed on any dashboard or text control to quickly and dynamically show these hours instead of manually updating a label every day.

Within Cherwell, Hours of Operation are defined via a Business Hours (or Working Hours) calendar. To date, this has been used within SLAs to measure time-based on when the business is open, and tracking tickets opened outside of business hours. Recently, however, clients have requested a way to show their Hours of Operation on the Portal in some way other than manually adding a label to the portal and updating it daily.

This can be used to alert incoming portal customers to the hours of operation for a Service Center, or to a time of closure due to Holidays, office closures, or half days. As this uses the OOB calendar, the included expressions can be edited to point to the correct calendar should a different calendar be used. The expressions can be copied and edited in the case of multiple Service Centers with different calendars.