Cherwell Service Management offers customers unique benefits and provides the best set of features for organizations to be in the movement to real enterprise service management. It is specifically designed to be a platform that can manage many facets of business with a powerful process engine, a true codeless configuration solution eliminating the heavy dependence that other solutions have on expensive developers. A portable solution that enables you to switch from on-premise to SaaS and offers an online community where customers and partners are able to share their applications, or mApps.

With Cherwell Service Management, no costly development resources are required to configure, administer or upgrade the solution. Customers have reported saving between 20% to 60% when they switched to Cherwell. The ability that Cherwell gives customers to switch between on-premise and SaaS reduces costs by 50% to 70% with concurrent licensing and no hidden or unanticipated costs. Cherwell’s codeless design makes it easy to customize, build and automate processes across the business without having to touch any code. Cherwell gives your IT team the flexibility they need for rapid configuration and customization, minimal overhead and frictionless upgrades at a fraction of the cost and complexity associated with legacy ITSM tools. With powerful workflow and process automation capabilities as well as native support for eleven ITIL processes, Cherwell Service Management will have you up and running quickly.

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