Adding Custom Fields to Email Notifications


The Problem:

As a Footprints Administrator, you have added a few custom fields to your Workspace Form. An example of custom fields might be something like First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. These fields may have been created to populate certain information about the contact associated with the ticket. When these fields are added to the Email Template that is sent out to a contact when a ticket is registered or updated, the field values are blank.
The Solution: To get the custom field values to populate on an email notification, follow the steps below. ***Note*** The steps below require access to modify User Roles

  • Under User Management – Go to Roles.
  • Navigate to the Container in which you would like to modify and edit the Portal Guest Role.
  • Under Field Permissions, select the item in which you would like to modify (ex. Ticket), and grant the role View access to the contact fields (ex. Email Address, Primary Phone Number, Department, and any other fields you would like to include).
  • Click Save. Now the custom fields modified by the steps above should show on the email notification.
    Example of email notification after modifying Portal Guest role field permissions.


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