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Endpoint Manager

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Ivanti is an acknowledged forerunner in unified endpoint management. Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDesk, develops user and IT efficiency by backing IT administrators collect specific device data, automate solutions and OS distributions, and swiftly fix user problems. It integrates and consolidates the supervision of all end-user devices and gives core information and services taken advantage of by other Ivanti tools and Ivanti partners.

Find The Information That Helps IT Manage Resources, Compliance, Costs, and Security

Understand what is there before anyone else does. Ivanti Endpoint Manager offers comprehensive information about controlled and uncontrolled devices through industry-leading finding and storing technology. This data is important for improving your level of knowledge and management over business hazards and costs due to:

  • Software compliance fines and over-purchasing licenses
  • Failing to meet corporate service level agreements
  • Security vulnerabilities on end-user devices
  • Excessive energy bills

Unified Endpoint Management

Don’t get engulfed by all your endpoints: No matter what ruling device or OS your users have in their hands, you can control multiple endpoints and operating systems with Ivanti Endpoint Manager including:

  • PCs/Servers: Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix, and Chromebooks
  • Mobile devices: OS, Android, and Windows
  • IoT: tvOS and Raspbian

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Product Description

Get one-click entrance to view, use, and control the IT procedures and workflows concerning your users and groups and all their related devices. Intelligent behaviors such as creating procedures or deploying software happen only on the user devices where it is appropriate.

Offer Perception And Promptly Do Something

IT must have the correct data, at the correct time, in the correct place to take important action. Ivanti Endpoint Manager delivers an arrangement of role-based workspaces with integrated dashboards for end users, administrators, and IT executives. And with the capability to tailor dashboards and reports with Ivanti Xtraction, you have the necessary clarity to display how productive your IT goals are. These perceptive dashboards, customizable reporting, and alerting tools include:

  • Information and visual content about each user and all their devices
  • Business value dashboards that can link to multiple IT and business data sources
  • Role-based console and workspaces with integrated actions
  • Gantt charts and status for automated software rollout projects
  • Proactive monitoring alerts to identify potential issues for systems and users
  • Improve Productivity and Modernize IT

Ivanti Endpoint Manager is essential to allowing a more user-centered method to centralized IT. Automate IT duties and improve the experience to enhance efficiency for both IT staff and end users. Lessen issues that jeopardize user productiveness resulting from system outages, device downtime, and alterations and configuration activities. Keep up with the crazy flow of OS migrations and updates from Windows 10 and macOS. Save IT administrators from bouncing between several consoles and unlock more time for business-related goals.

On-Premises, In the Cloud, or as a Managed Service

Get the flexibility around how you deliver IT and how you cost your IT. Where some vendors give only one delivery model, Ivanti offers you the same endpoint management functionality and advantages either on-premises or in the cloud. When in the cloud, select to use your own administrative assets or use Ivanti’s knowledge to manage your core management obligations.

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