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Ivanti Endpoint Security For Endpoint Manager

Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager, powered by Landesk, prevents, detects and remediates even the most sophisticated ransomware and other threats. Powerful, multi-layered protections automate discovery, inventory, patch management, malware prevention, remote control and remediation of infected systems.

Flexible reporting and information visualization features improve compliance and help you pass more audits. And integration with Ivanti Endpoint Manager increases efficiency and control over your IT environment.

Protect Your Environment from Ransomware and Other Modern Threats – With Ivanti Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager, you can see everything necessary to find and remediate malware, diagnose problems and identify faulty or non-approved processes.

If ransomware invades your network, Endpoint Security will catch it, kill it, notify other connected machines and block the malware from running on them. Powerful remote capabilities mean you can isolate, investigate and clean endpoints across the network.

Additionally, device blocking and connection control let you monitor and restrict access to I/O devices. Application control features to guard against zero-day exploits, stealth attacks, and other sophisticated threats. Data protection features prevent malicious software from encrypting your files.

Ensure Your User Environment is Stable and Secure with Automated Patching
Harden Endpoints with Device and Connection Blocking
Protect Against Zero-Day Threats with Advanced Application Control
Protect Your Customer Data—and Your Bottom Line—with Greater Compliance
See Threats, Act Quickly, Show Results with Workspaces, Dashboards, and Reports

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Product Description

Reduce Risk by Integrating Endpoint Security with Endpoint Manager
Manage and Secure Remote Devices
Integrate Your Preferred Antivirus Solution

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