Enterprise Service Management Planning Workshop

Flycast Partners wants to be there with you every step of the way. Even before you want to get the ball rolling with your business, lay out a foundation for success by creating a road map for your Service Management implementation.

As part of our Enterprise Service Management Offerings, we offer our “Enterprise Service Management Planning Workshop” to ensure the alignment of your businesses needs to plan Service Management initiatives.

This will consist of a series of workshops that identify long-term business vision, goals, and objectives to develop a Service Management strategy that will guide future progressive efforts. The planning or even pre-planning is a critical first activity in improving the ESM Capabilities for any type of organization.

A Flycast Partners Senior ESM Consultant will then facilitate a workshop with your leadership team. The objective is to ensure that the business vision, mission, and goals for Service Management are clearly defined and documented so the model above can be executed. We will also conduct a high-level assessment of where you are today.

Flycast Partners will conclude the Enterprise Service Management Planning Workshop by helping your organization lay out a roadmap of improvement initiatives based on Deming’s Continual Improvement Model. Once the roadmap has been
developed, Flycast Partners can help implement the planned initiatives.

For further details on this service offering, reach out to us today!