Why Turn to Enterprise Service Management?


Enterprise Service Management

could revamp your entire business model with the right ESM advisers assisting in your IT and non-IT internal transformation. Our ESM consulting service focuses on enabling organizations to develop these capabilities through the adoption of a service focused, process-oriented, cost-effective approach to managing and delivering services.
Your organization spends a significant amount of time, money and resources making sure that the customer experience is optimized. Often this means ensuring that:

  • Services and products are easy to find and easy to order.
  • That delivery times are stated and meet.
  • That user receives a high level of value from the services provided.

What you may not realize is that one of the best ways to ensure this is to make sure that the internal services required to support the needs of the resources used to deliver and support these customer-facing business services receive the same level of assurance.

How much time does your staff spend daily requesting services or handling request for services from other departments? How much time is lost doing back-office tasks that could be automated or trying to figure out who or where to escalate an issue to?

Since most of these requests are email or calls, what level of management reporting is available? What information is available to plan and leverage resources and workload?

And of course, we are talking about both IT and non-IT Services. It really does not matter if it is a request to install software, request information on benefits, or report a burned out light bulb. It is all time spent on internal support activities and is consuming valuable time and resources that could be used in efforts to make the strategic changes and improvements needed to further optimize business services.

The answer lies in improving your organizational capabilities for Enterprise Service Management and adopting and adapting a service-oriented model not only for external customer-facing services but also your internal services. This model should be based on:

  • Implementation of the Service Life-cycle (Service Strategy, Design, Transition and Operations)
    Effective use of technology (Self Service Portals, Automation, Leveraging ITSM Tools)
  • A process-driven approach
  • Continual Service Improvement
  • Implementing Enterprise Service Management allows your organization to focus on optimizing the customer experience by ensuring that the delivery of internal services is efficient, effective and cost-effective.

We are proud to not just present but repackage and reintroduce Enterprise Service Management in a whole new light with several different service package offerings.

Here at Flycast, we recognize that the adoption of best practices is often a cultural change for the business, and we can provide the organizational change management guidance along with ITIL awareness & training to get your company to the next level.



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