ESM 360° Assessment

Flycast Partners is ready to assess your situation but in a monumental way. With our new innovative enterprise services approach, our ESM 360° evaluates your Service Management Capabilities from a number of viewpoints to identify areas that are not meeting your current business needs. Our 360° approach includes key features such as:

Surveying a wide audience of key stakeholders
In-depth stakeholder and process interviews
Statistical analysis and reporting

We will work with you to identify what you are and aren’t doing that’s making certain things work, and others not so much. Flycast Partners will begin with an Assessment Survey (sent to identified individuals from key stakeholder groups) to help determine the level of process maturity within your organization.

In parallel, a Flycast Partners Consultant will meet with key stakeholders and their groups to observe and discuss specific areas and assess strengths and weakness to develop recommendations for improvement.

Our 360° Assessment evaluates the current level of maturity using a scale of 1-5; assessing not only the adherence to and acceptance of the process by the organization but also the use of technology to support and control the process. We will also evaluate the alignment of the process to best practices for Service Management.

While these types of Assessments can be done internally, it can be much more beneficial to have a neutral organization to conduct a review. It’s good to have a second set of eyes looking into your business model, especially from a non-competitive perspective.

The main purpose of this isn’t so much the score that you get, but the opportunity to listen to your stakeholders. Then, to identify improvement opportunities and implement these improvements as a result of the assessment’s score and findings.

By conducting an assessment, you will have an accurate analysis of where your organization stands in relation to ITIL best practices.