ESM Process Design & Improvement

Flycast Partners is ready to roll out the red carpet for our new and improved ITIL based Service Management package. But it goes far beyond just ITSM. It will be host to a number of approaches, specific in catering to where your organization currently is, where it’s going, and what assistance you need to transcend your business to its maximum potential by reaching new heights.

Determining the processes your business needs to enable the delivery and support of services is one of the most crucial first steps. Laying a foundation for the future by mapping out all of your processes before implementing anything new is essential.

The differentiator is our 26 process templates based on ITIL best practices. These processes act as a starting point that then can be tailored to your business needs, creating a very detailed, unique, and almost foolproof blueprint. These blueprints can later be used for process improvements, training or defining tool requirements. A Service Management initiative use of templates (based on ITIL best practices) is a unique and industry leading approach to process design and development.

Process Design & Improvement creates highly detailed process documentation including:

Workflow Diagrams
State Diagrams
Governance Responsibilities
RASCI Charts
Technical Design Documentation
Process Controls

We can produce this abundant level of documentation with way fewer resources, fewer contact hours, and shorter time frames with quicker turnaround!

Collaboration is accessible throughout the entire process. All involved will be able to participate during the design of the process, contribute input, make comments, and provide feedback as the process is being designed and tailored to your specific business needs.

With Flycast Partners, you’ll find everything to be very convenient with access throughout the entire design process to the portions that are individually assigned to. This creates a structured working environment that has less clutter for the team while giving clarity to the individual.

Because your team will have this access through the entirety of the processes customization, this will ultimately make this a more structured approach for you and your team.