BMC Helix Remedy

Increase productivity by up to 75% with superior IT service management, built for the mobile workforce

Helix Remedy 9 is a powerful service management platform built natively for mobile with an intuitive, beautiful, people-centric user experience that makes everybody more productive.

In our personal lives, consumer technology enables us to do things more efficiently, effectively, and pleasantly. But in the enterprise, interacting with IT is typically frustrating, cumbersome, and complex. Technology with poor usability causes the workforce to become less engaged and the gap between the business and IT to widen. For many years, IT service management has sought to bring order to IT through rigorous processes—but when service management technology is outdated and complicated, those processes may be circumvented or disregarded altogether.

Helix Remedy 9 is a transformative service management platform that drastically improves IT service delivery. The intuitive user experience is built around roles, not modules, to help you be more productive with less effort. Modern, mobile interfaces, built-in templates and guides, and instant, actionable insights help you work smarter and faster. The mobile-first platform takes advantage of native device capabilities such as Apple, Siri, GPS, and built-in cameras, providing you with new ways to work. Built on a 100% Oracle Java codebase to deliver high performance in the most complicated IT environments, Helix Remedy 9 is a true multi-tenant platform delivered from the BMC cloud or your own datacenter and scaled for the world’s largest enterprises.


  • Service desk in your pocket: Mobilize the workforce on both sides of the service desk and take advantage of native mobile device capabilities such as touch screens, predictive text, barcode scanners, cameras, GPS, and push notifications.
  • Consumerized knowledge: Powerful and modern knowledge authoring tools empower the whole organization to create knowledge articles. Context-aware searches automatically find similar articles and embedded Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) best practices allow users to flag, comment, and rate articles of interest.
  • Change request wizards: Occasional change users benefit from on-screen wizards to guide them through the process quickly and easily while ensuring accuracy and consistency
  • Intuitive self-service: Log an incident, request a service, reserve a room, download an app, or check service availability all from the convenience of a mobile app.
  • Persona-based UX: The engaging user experience is personalized to your role ensuring that you see the information you need to do your job more effectively. The context-aware capabilities in Helix Remedy 9 ensure you are automatically presented with relevant incidents, problems, articles, assets, and services to save you time running searches and reports.
  • Platform for innovation: Built on a brand new Java codebase to deliver enterprise-scale performance alongside RESTful APIs, the industry-leading CMDB, and non-invasive upgrades. Helix Remedy 9 can be delivered from the BMC cloud or implemented on premises.


  • Powerful analytics – New Smart Reporting for simple, self-service, drag-and-drop creation of dashboards and reports
  • Mobile everything – Fully supported on Apple, iOS, Google, Android, and HTML5 and can be delivered as SaaS or an on-premises solution
  • Intuitive experience – Modern, engaging user experiences help you work more effectively on both sides of the desk
  • Formless input – Smart Recorder offers a natural way to enter information and offers contextual recommendations for faster resolutions


  • Be up to 75% more productive (based on an independent study of the Service Desk user experience)
  • Engage the whole team using embedded social and collaboration tools
  • Embrace digital transformation through a natively mobile and social platform
  • Make smarter, faster decisions with powerful in-app analytics
  • Quick time-to-value with out of the box ITIL, best practice reports, and KPIs