Help Desk

The Help Desk is a conversational name given to the function of a company that solves customers’ grievances. Customers contact the help desk when they have a question or a problem. An employee from the company then addresses the question to the customer’s satisfaction.

In a textbook scenario, a help desk is a physical space that’s often manned by someone from the customer support function. In reality, though, it’s just a means to reach out to someone from a company when some help is needed. Most companies give out an email ID and/or a toll-free phone number to their customers. Customers can reach the company through these when they need help.

A help desk software simply automates as much of this as possible. Generally, a helpdesk software consists of at least 3 parts, namely Ticket Management, Automation Suite, Reporting & Optimization. Together, these three functions essentially form the crux of a helpdesk operation as well. Flycast Partners has several help desk solutions.