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Identity Director

(Powered by RES)

Ivanti Identity Director powered by RES supplies an attribute-based way to recognize and access with automated provisioning, processes, and self-service. With Ivanti, your staff has the appropriate tiers of access on the basis of their identity, allowing them to stay efficient while the organization remains safe. A primary identity warehouse gathers from current systems, so IT can automatically provide anticipated services to the enterprise when necessary or employees can use self-service assisted by automated processes. Ivanti enhances IT productivity and service quality simplifies employee onboarding and offboarding and provides IT the knowledge they need to meet governance and compliance criteria.

Key capabilities include:

Access Control – Govern entrance based on identity qualities and context-aware procedures to keep staff efficient and safe

Automated Delivery and Return – Automate the provision of anticipated services to the enterprise when necessary, based on procedures and processes

Self-Service – Provide services to the organization when asked via a self-service portal or mobile application

Flexible Administration – Streamline the administration of the convoluted hybrid environment

Governance – Mitigate hazards and guarantee compliance using perception, visibility, and examinations


One Solution, Many Uses

A user’s profile is important to many other facets of enterprise IT. The automation of duties and processes involved with controlling identities and entrance provides many advantages. Essentially, Ivanti Identity Director powered by RES can enhance IT’s skills to empower employee efficiency, lessen security and compliance hazards, and productively give support and services to the enterprise. Normal methods businesses take advantage of the technology include:

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Product Description

Attribute-Based Identity Management: Supply a single identity store that gathers from current data sources and gives IT the capability to give the appropriate entrance to services and apps, based on identity qualities. Modify access based on characteristic rights throughout the entire identity lifecycle.

Security Risk Mitigation: Push workforce empowerment to give employees the freedom to work their certain way but also remain protected. Automating the provisioning and de-provisioning workflow will remove human mistakes and impose security procedures by simplifying the distribution of services to bypass the need for staff to shift to “shadow IT.”

Auditable Compliance: Back displaying compliance with administrative data security criteria such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI. Simple entrance to the audit-trail and reports during the sampling workflow streamlines the audit reporting and lessens the manual confirmation duties involved with meeting governance obligations.

User Self-Service: Offer intelligent provisioning for IT to push business workflows and procedures by using automated processes. Provide self-service and a mobile application for employees to ask for access and other normal IT services. The result is mutual ownership between IT and the organization and clarity into workflow processes and authorizations to impose procedures.

Hybrid Infrastructure Automation: IT can unite, manage, and impose entrance rights, no matter where apps are hosted. With the clarity to fix issues in a hybrid environment, you are also future-proofed with automation to streamline infrastructure or workflow alterations. As your organization and staff become more reliant on IT services, traditional methods to governing identities and access and giving services to users is not enough. By implementing Ivanti Identity Director powered by RES, your business can withstand the escalating demands with ease, competence, and greatness.

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