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Insight (Powered by AppSense)

Advance efficiency with more visibility into endpoints and end-user actions. Ivanti Insight, powered by AppSense, turns information into useful knowledge to aid you in finding and resolving familiar productiveness blocks, measure advancements, and display cost savings over time. Find reasons for endpoint problems, recognize threats to the end-user infrastructure, and measure accomplishments and advancements.

Data-Driven Views Into The End User Experience

Ivanti Insight uses end-user computing environments to control and study a variety pool of real-time information correlated to the device, platform, applications, and utilization. With Insight, you get data-driven views into what your users experience every day and why. For example, you’ll find the types, sizes, and comprehensive health of user profiles, and where information is stored on endpoints.

You’ll obtain a deep knowledge of the specific components of logons, including group policy, Active Setup, printer and drive mapping, scripts, and post-logon actions. You’ll see which applications need administrative credentials, how often they’re used, by whom, and on which endpoints. Ivanti Insight provides the base for making intended and productive modifications to the desktop environment; alterations that will lessen total charges of ownership while bettering employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Insight is a remote appliance with a web-based console. It allows desktop administrators to study data from user devices and interactions easily.

Quick Access To Metrics

The Insight interface shows important performance metrics at a glance pulled from the Insight database. Hovering over the Logon Type, OS, and Machine Type metrics simply displays the percentage split of various information types; with the skill to prohibit information to drill down deeper.

Reports, Filters, Sorting, And Grouping

Insight gives expanded reporting abilities. Vital metric reports and charts are built into the console, along with filter, sort, and grouping operations. Trend Graphs display modifications in a metric over time (day, month, etc.). Graphs, charts, or even raw information in .CSV format can be exported simply for secondary study with different software applications.

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Product Description

Ease Of Deployment

Ivanti has engineered the Insight solution to be both lightweight and strong. No resets or drivers are necessary for installation. The tool is dispersed swiftly by your software distribution platform of choice, including Ivanti Management Center. The Insight agent can be expanded in any Windows 7 or above environment – laptops, terminal servers, VDI, or static desktops. Installed agents gather the same data points from every device, so you always compare like to like.

What’s more, the Insight remote appliance is completely self-contained, needs no extra database infrastructure, and is installed and configured in minutes. This allows IT to concentrate on the more important job of analyzing and comprehending problems with the end-user environment and gives fastest time-to-value.

Insight Tracks Critical End User Computing KPIs:

  • User logons and user profiles
  • Elevated privilege usage
  • Application installations and usage
  • CPU and memory usage and spikes
  • Windows platform per device
  • Desktop delivery
  • Local administrators
  • System uptime

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