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IT Asset Management Suite

Obtain total clarity to improve the productivity and worth of your hardware and software resources. Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite will recover idle software, match compliance demands, and save you time with a focused view of your assets. No more confusion on where you stand with your operative license placement. Understand what assets you have, where they are, how they’re used, and how they act for better determinations at any stage of an asset’s lifecycle.

Support Strong Discovery and Inventory Workflows

Recognize what hardware and software live in your IT environment. Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite accumulates data automatically for clients or servers. Make knowledgeable judgments from the time you buy an asset throughout its entire lifecycle. The IT Asset Management Suite broadcasts analytical data and management reports to tablets, smartphones, or any device with an Internet browser. Executives and IT administration teams gain a total view of which resources are in use and get a direct understanding of their present state of compliance. Accurate data given at the correct time enforces confidence in data and empowers correct and knowledgeable decisions.

Get Total View Of All IT Assets With B2B Connectors

Eradicate spreadsheets and get vendor views with business-to-business (B2B) connectors that accumulate manufacturer, vendor, and reseller information such as purchase order numbers, device types, and location mapping from the time you purchase a new asset. Automatic workflows enhance capabilities and expose more usable information on demand, which would take months to collect otherwise.

Recover Functional Costs And Withstand Audits

Software license true-ups are extinct. Now, you can sustain software license compliance for audits and control overspending on software applications. The IT Asset Management Suite provides punctual data to auditors and calculates your effective software license position by specifying who is using what software and under what licensing certification it’s covered. You get better views into software and asset lifecycles, licensing, and ownership. Recover idle software licenses automatically to redistribute needed resources elsewhere, or renegotiate your licensing terms and agreements to lessen the hazard of financial drain.

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Product Description

Craft Lifecycle Processes Around Your IT Assets

Understanding what hardware must be bought, renovated, and sustained empowers IT administration to plan ahead and evade rash purchasing decisions. Calendaring refreshes to quicken distribution of new devices and scheduling maintenance of owned hardware means end users get the proper tools when needed to be more efficient. Save time and money with more than 40 automated workflows, including onboarding and offboarding, software audit, and more.

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