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IT organizations that operate as a service are better able to support a company’s revenue generation efforts. But how can that be done in today’s environment? False alarms, a deluge of data, and hearing “I didn’t realize it would cost this much” are all too common in today’s IT Ops units. Adding to the pressure are budgets that are moving from capital to operating expenses. How does a business unit, that is seen as a Cost Center, change perception and get in front of the chaos? 










Chaos is the right word, too. Everyone is undergoing some form of digital transformation whether the initiative is yours or one of your vendor partners. Distributed IT that was once centralized in the mainframe brought freedom, ease of use and a lack of standardization. Organizations that have no official cloud initiative, have begun shadow moves to the cloud.
Pieces here, pieces there. IT is fractured and uncontrollable.
But there are specific needs around onboarding, monitoring, and managing thousands of IT assets. Assets can be geographically distributed so that most are out of reach and require remote access. Then every element of your infrastructure has its own monitoring and management tool. Maybe the tool was included with the infrastructure purchase, maybe the tool was a purchase itself. With a tool for everything, what’s lacking is clarity.

Governance and Control
There is an old adage in business that states “you cannot EXPECT what you cannot INSPECT.” Not only is this true, but it is also doubly so for IT today. The only way to govern and control the chaos is through visibility; the ability to INSPECT. Most environments are tool rich but view poorly. OpsRamp is the IT Ops platform that brings together all the various data streams provided by your infrastructure, compute and storage resource tools into a unified/centralized view. It is the visibility you need to control the chaos.
OpsRamp allows organizations to replace the expensive and reactive “war room” with a cost-effective and proactive Digital Operations Command Center. This command center hinges on a centralized view of your environment. In one location you have access to what is in your environment, how it is utilized, its current status, and how it impacts other elements of your environment. Rather than react and respond after a customer complaint, you could see potential issues before they occur and automate a response, so the customer never experiences the impact and never needs to call.
Organizations that link their monitoring tools with their service desk soon find out about the deluge of data mentioned earlier. It is “noisy” and confusing. Many organizations that have integrated these tools go on to implement a process to ignore much of what is coming in or remove the integration altogether. Neither is the solution.
OpsRamp can integrate with your service desk or ticketing tool and apply its “noise reduction” to your entire IT environment. Duplicate events are combined and linked. Likely Root Cause events are discovered from across the entire environment so when a ticket gets your attention it is only because it needs your attention.

Agility and Flexibility
It is imperative that any platform managing this level of scope be agile and flexible when it comes to discovery. OpsRamp can discover on-premise, public and private cloud, physical compute and storage as well as virtual and containers such as Docker and Kubernetes. This organizational wide agnostic view of your environment is required to operate as a service.
These views only have true organization-wide meaning when presented as business services. You can assign specific elements of your environment to specific business services in OpsRamp. This means that your IT Ops unit understands the business relationships of the infrastructure you manage. It also means that you have the basis for easy communication with your customers and staff about those business services and the infrastructure they contain.
Operating as a Service means that your customers will expect more. OpsRamp provides role-based access so that your customers and staff can see what they manage and only what they manage. The web-based SaaS solution is easily accessible by your organization with only the level of access you grant.
OpsRamp allows custom enterprise catalogs to be easily created for each business unit. Each business unit can see and manage what you determine. Previously this could only be done through the integration of disparate systems, portals, and datasets. OpsRamp unifies and simplifies through its global visibility.

Scale and Manage Transformation
OpsRamp simplifies remediation through its scale and scope. It is the one source of truth for IT Operations to understand their environment and its current status. Bringing together all elements of your organization’s infrastructure may seem like a daunting task, but OpsRamp makes it easy. OpsRamp can either help replace legacy monitoring and management tools or integrate with them.
OpsRamp has standard integrations for many of the major tools you are using to manage and monitor your environment. It also has an open API to integrate with other systems when needed. Unifying and consolidating this data provides the foundation to then apply OpsRamp AIOps.

OpsRamp Correlation and Inference Engines allows it to make sense of the noise. Alerts are reduced by Artificial Intelligence that understands what needs remediation and, in many cases, can perform that remediation automatically. As it learns how you remediate in your environment, it can provide those as additional automatic remediation methods.

The chaos can be calmed. It can be controlled and managed. OpsRamp provides the tools necessary for governance and control of your organization’s IT environment. Through industry-leading artificial intelligence, OpsRamp can reduce the noise and automatically remediate where possible and provide alerts only where it cannot fix the problem. It can learn how you remediate and provide options for more automatic correction.
OpsRamp is agile and flexible. Standard integrations and enterprise-wide technology agnostic discovery means that OpsRamp will have the complete view of your environment whether on-premise or in the cloud. Your customers will be able to see and do what you want with role-based access.
As your organization and technology changes, OpsRamp can change with you. It easily scales up or down with an agent or agentless connections. Know what is in your environment day in and day out with enterprise-wide views.
Not only can OpsRamp allow you to deliver IT across your organization as a service, it reduces cost. OpsRamp integrates with your current toolset so you get started faster and take advantage of its AI and automated remediation faster, so you see results faster. OpsRamp saves time on false positives and alert fatigue by correlating across your entire environment and remediating automatically. OpsRamp can save by eliminating costly legacy management and monitoring tools.


What’s Next?


About The Author:
Bobby McCullough, a Flycast Partners Sales Engineer, has over 20 years’ experience with multiple enterprise ITSM and ITFM solutions.  ITIL v3 and Scrum certified, he has worked with a range of organizations from large multinational financial institutions to some of the largest Federal and State Government organizations.  Today, Bobby lives just south of Nashville, Tennessee.


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