ESM Organizational Change Management

Flycast Partners understands that your business goes through the constant change in your respective industry, marketplace, and economy. Your organization needs to be ready to adapt to these changes quickly, with minimal disruption to your core business. Only being on-the-spot ready, or reactive ready is what we call here crisis management, and that’s a recipe for disaster on a business grand scale.

Implementing Organizational Change Management can help move your organization out of crisis management mode by ensuring that your projects identify, plan for, and address the impacts of the changes planned. Failure to address the full impact of the change is often the frequent cause of failure to any type of project.

The real purpose of OCM is simple. It’s to actively address not by playing the guessing game trying to forecast future issues but to define, develop, and execute strategies to prepare all stakeholders for the business, technical, and cultural changes that will be occurring.

Just as importantly, it is to ensure that your organization receives the full benefits planned as part of the reason for the change.

Flycast Partners ESM Consultants will work with the customer organization to create an OCM strategy that encompasses all of the actions needed to successfully implement both planned and non-planned changes.

OCM strategies include:

Formation of an Organizational Change Management Team with defined roles and responsibilities.
Identification of internal and external stakeholders.
An assessment of the impact of the change on the organization and the external stakeholders.
Development of strategies to overcome resistance.
Development of a change management plan that details change management activities by type, timeframe, audience, key drivers and expected outcomes.
Development of a communication plan that includes target audience, timing, methodology, media and development/sender responsibilities.

We feel that success is contagious here at Flycast Partners. If you succeed, we feel that we have done the same. Some successful OCM strategies (to name a few) include:

Agreement on a common vision for change – no competing initiatives.
Strong executive leadership to communicate the vision and sell the business case for change.
A strategy for educating employees about how their day-to-day work will change.
A concrete plan for how to measure whether or not the change is a success – and follow-up plans for both successful and unsuccessful results.
Rewards, both monetary and social, that encourage individuals and groups to take ownership of their new roles and responsibilities.

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