ITIL Service Design

ITIL® Service Design is one of the five stages in the Service Lifecycle. This stage translates the needs and requirements of the customers into the services they desire. Service Design will help you determine your target market and how you can differentiate your business offerings from your competitors.  When planning a service, a service designer needs to consider the four P’s:

  1. People: People are in charge of providing IT services. These professionals should have the skills and competencies required for providing services.
  2. Products: The products are the tools, services, and technology used in the delivery of, and support of, the services.
  3. Processes: Processes support and manage the services being offered so that the services meet customer expectations and agreed service levels.  All processes must be measureable.
  4. Partners: When designing services, vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers should be considered as they will be utilized to support the service once it is live.

Studying ITIL Service Design will be helpful in understanding how these four P’s relate to one another. Fully understanding and considering the four P’s as critical success factors are necessary not only for a high-quality service but also for the success of that service.

The Service Design (SD) module is one of the certifications within the ITIL® Service Lifecycle work stream. It focuses on the design of IT services and covers the architectures, processes, policies and documentation that will enable you to design services that meet the needs of the organization or programme.

The design process is vital to the continued improvement and development of services within the IT lifecycle and this module will also teach you techniques required to develop, manage and integrate service design into the IT Service management process.

Good service design can improve the alignment of IT with the overall business and user needs and the certification will illustrate the importance of designing consistent service design practices in order to achieve this. The Service Design module provides guidance on how to create and launch products and services that will meet the immediate and ongoing needs of organizations and programmes.