ESM ISO 20000 – ITIL Standards

Flycast Partners understands that ISO 20000 Certification is a more often than not a long and extremely expensive undertaking. We can help you along this journey by making sure that your process, people, and technology are ready to meet the rigorous requirements of ISO/IEC 20000. If you are not seeking certification, but just want to ensure that your processes people and technology meet a set of standards based on ITIL Standards, this type of assessment can do just that.

Whether you’d like to start the process of having your organizations ISO 20000 certified, or not, we can guide you along. Undergoing a formal audit by a certification body is costly. If there are areas that are not yet ready to meet these requirements, identifying them and improving them before the formal assessment begins will save your organization time and money.

So wherever your starting point, a package can be put in place to set things in motion right away.

Getting Started: An introduction to ISO 20000 – find out what quality ITSM is all about, and why it can be so beneficial to a business.

Implementation: Discover the best way to implement an effective ITSM system.

Certification Pre-assessment: Have your ITSM system independently assessed and ready to apply for ISO 20000 certification.

Maintaining Your ISO 20000: Make sure your system keeps delivering time and time again, keeping up with ITIL Best Practices. This enables you to continually improve your ability to meet and maintain ISO 20000 certification.