Ivanti Application Control for Microsoft

Ivanti Application Control for Microsoft (SCCM) reduces endpoint security risks and adds value to SCCM application control and endpoint security functions, thanks to Trusted Ownership™ features and highly granular privilege management.

Configure and deploy desktop security configurations via SCCM to protect endpoints. Use System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to gather Application Manager events and auditing details.

With AppSense, IT teams are now in full control. Application access entitlements can be defined on a per-user basis based on factors such as user, location, device name, IP address, firewall settings, even time of day providing complete control over what can be executed, from where and when.

Only trusted applications installed by administrators are allowed to execute, while any user-introduced applications and even unknown code are automatically prevented from launching by default.

IT teams can also control user rights at a much more granular level, making it possible to eliminate troublesome Local Administrator accounts and provide all users a standard user account. IT can then specify which applications or tasks, for which users, can then be automatically elevated to run as Administrator.

To control user rights, when an execution request is made, the security ticket that is requested will be dynamically modified to have permissions elevated or lowered and therefore the application can now either run or be blocked with elevated or reduced privileges.

The benefits

Desktops remain in original gold-built state
Prevent unknown applications or malicious code from executing
Increased system uptime, security and user productivity
Reduce the threat of unknown malware
Eliminate trouble Local Administrator user accounts
Enforce application licensing restrictions