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Ivanti Automation

(Powered by RES)

Ivanti Automation powered by RES simplifies the control of convoluted hybrid environments by automating infrastructure, cloud, and workspace workflows necessary to sustain and provide IT services to the organization. IT can change once manual and difficult duties into automated processes that are all sustained in a single, simple navigated repository, where they can be easily located by anyone who needs them, freeing up assets to concentrate on critical projects. Automating IT tasks helps enforce vital security controls and compliance procedures by eliminating the possibility of mistakes and generating a powerful audit trail.

Key Capabilities Of Ivanti Automation Powered By RES Include:

Task Automation – Automate configuration, provisioning, and renovations with over 300 out-of-the-box duties and queries to support on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Use current PowerShell scripts to get started promptly and guarantee they are repeatable and shareable. Run books maintain convoluted alterations, where several tools are touched often in order.

Flexible Administration – Streamline the control of convoluted hybrid environments with innate web-based management. Assignment and progressive job scheduling empower you to manage who can make edits and when they will be performed within the infrastructure. Every module and run book can be exported to building blocks for simple backup and shift to development, testing, and creation.

Cloud-readiness – Leverage a joint automation environment that can be employed to traditional on-premises infrastructure, as well as public cloud services such as Amazon and Azure. Swiftly specify proper rules and procedures for supplying services and giving users rights to access cloud services.

Integration – Get more ROI out of current expenditures by uniting with other information sources via the robust API and using add-ons that assimilate with assorted third-party technologies, including mobile device management, IT service management, virtualization and cloud provisioning, PC lifecycle management, and SaaS apps.

Governance – Mitigate risk and guarantee compliance through insight and views. Version control and trust security enhance auditability, traceability, and change control. To meet compliance efforts, execute troubleshooting, and enhance infrastructure control, you can use the audit trails, historical reporting, and configuration examinations.

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Product Description

Greater Agility, More Benefits

Ivanti Automation powered by RES gives higher quickness for cloud infrastructure projects. IT departments can completely automate workflows, including around how and when apps and services are given. The flexible architecture and automation structure supply over 300 built-in duties and a portfolio of connectors for seamless integration with current technology expenditures. Resulting benefits include:

  • Greater strategic business value from IT
  • Significantly faster responsiveness to business users’ needs
  • Better performance and uptime for critical applications and services
  • Reduced security and compliance risks
  • Improved business agility
  • Less vulnerability to loss of key technical employees

With Ivanti Automation powered by RES, IT can back even the biggest and most convoluted organization environments without creating more overhead. It is so simple to use that customers begin automating on the first day.

Common Uses for Ivanti Automation:

  • Routine configuration, provisioning and upgrade tasks
  • Auditable compliance
  • Advanced change control

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