Ivanti DesktopNow Plus

Ivanti DesktopNow Plus powered by AppSense is a workspace management solution that helps you simplify desktop deployment, administration, reduce IT costs and secure endpoints.

With DesktopNow Plus, you can deliver a personalized, compliant desktop regardless of user location or device. The solution also eases herculean IT tasks like Windows 10 migration and enables secure file sync, sharing, and data access.

Ivanti provides secure user environment management. Ivanti’s solutions enable IT teams to deliver an enhanced user experience and improved endpoint security across physical, virtual and cloud desktops. With 3,500 enterprise customers worldwide, they have been deployed to 8 million endpoints.


Centrally manage and deliver users’ icons, bookmarks, dictionary and other customizations to any workspace.
Achieve true persistence in non-persistent VDI.
Collect user snapshots to allow helpdesk rollback and self-healing.
Security & Compliance
Practice least privilege access with granular admin rights.
Experience a more scalable approach to whitelisting and blacklisting with next-generation Trusted Ownership™ technology.
Enforce application termination, such as enforcing program close when device switches from LAN to Wi-Fi.


Achieve fast logins with parallelized, just-in-time login steps.
Apply granular system resource entitlement on virtualization servers.
Control runaway or rogue processes.

File Sync & Share

Achieve secure, enterprise-grade access, sync, and share from any device. Control where files are stored and how they’re accessed.
Avoid the need for data migration and proprietary file types.