ivanti dsm

Desktop and Server Management

Ivanti DSM helps IT businesses operate and protect endpoints across their lifecycle to enable user efficiency and facilitate enhanced enterprise execution at a decreased price. DSM automatically packages and extends software and operating systems, patches vulnerabilities, identifies software and hardware assets, and efficiently controls Windows OS migrations, virtual environments, Citrix server farms, and more. Ivanti DSM empowers organizations to:

  • Decrease software distribution time by up to 95%, optimizing functional productiveness
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 70%, reducing IT costs
  • Reduce patch installation time by up to 80%, declining the danger of hacking and malware and increasing service quality and compliance

The DSM tool from Ivanti completely automates software provisioning, configuration, and repetitive activities to control physical and virtual endpoints productively across their lifecycle. Businesses can prepare adequately for worldwide software rollouts, package the required software, operating systems, drivers, and configurations automatically, test and trial the software revision before creation, automatically extend the software to the end user, administer and drive compliance, and restart and eliminate software as needed to stay regulated with effective business requirements.

Whether your IT department is operating a distributed environment, balancing applications from various enterprises after a merger or acquisition, mapping a significant operating system rollout, updating hardware, or just trying to gain control of convolution, Ivanti DSM can assist.

Ivanti DSM Business Value

  • Enhance functional efficiencies by completely automating and expediting provisioning duties to improve the accessibility of business-critical applications
  • Diminish IT expenses extremely with unified management across devices, platforms, and multi-site networks
  • Increase service quality and compliance with a policy-based administration, common arrangements, and automated compliance requirements  for a stronger and more secure infrastructure

Package Software Automatically

The smart automation of software packaging is essential to freeing IT administrators forever from repetitive activities. The Ivanti DSM tool is established on verified NetInstall technology (including the Software Factory and Packaging Workbench,) with automatic wizards that expedite the production of all varieties of packages differing from operating systems and applications to printer and security settings. Workflows and best practices are set up only once, and current software packages are adjusted automatically for use in desktop, server, and virtual, environments.

The ability to create once and then extend across the whole network facilitates constant, repeatable deployments with every machine looking uniform. With DSM, customers decreased package creation time by up to 85%.

Confirm Modifications For Enhanced Quality Assurance

Urgency is usually the leading interest regarding the installation of software, especially patches. However, system durability and accessibility must remain supreme during installation. Ivanti DSM supports controlled change management when the outcomes of all new patches or any sort of software variances are resolved before the installation begins, through a pilot installation. DSM only installs an application or patch on efficient devices if it passes these tests. The tool itself fixes dependencies, reducing the number of installations required.

Deploy Software Automatically To Boost Efficiency

DSM drastically streamlines IT management by automating application activities with one console interface for packaging, testing, deploying, and configuring software applications. Intuitive dashboards and wizards do most of the work, giving automated actions for several IT duties. With DSM, customers demoted software deployment time by up to 95%.

Supervise Deployment and Compliance

Significant data about the compliance disposition must be distinctly obvious at all times and give a stable foundation for targeted initiatives. With DSM, compliance status is unquestionably shown continually via a traffic light method. DSM is not limited to a plain layout of whether a system is compliant or non-compliant but instead provides essential and insightful data. Administrators can do rules-based inspections on all endpoints to assure that they meet authorized procedures. If the installed software isn’t in accordance with those rules, DSM identifies the client as non-compliant. Thanks to its compliance execution feature, the solution will try automatically to guarantee compliant installations and application access. If the wanted state cannot be attained within five attempts, the installation is classified as non-compliant and the endpoint management team is notified of its status.


Dealing with the considerable number of updates, hot fixes, service packs, and security patches that live within a varied environment is one of the most laborious duties in endpoint management. With DSM, these updates can be achieved automatically. Application failures can be solved just as efficiently through total or partial reinstallation or, if necessary, de-installation. Best-practices release management guarantees that the selected devices are always updated. Altering a singular software package suggests the ability to update automatically any or all targeted devices concerned. This guarantees the integrity of the overall software ecosystem.

Thorough Automation

DSM consolidates a range of smart technologies that promote the automation level of Endpoint Management. DSM constantly automates not only regulated workflows but also the relationships between processes. The tool automates the packaging, the production of the corresponding procedure, and the connecting of policy and package. It investigates dependencies between packages and takes the dependencies into account during operations. Not many steps are necessary to perform several IT administration functions, decreasing your Total Cost of Ownership by up to 70% opposed to standard IT management. Intuitive dashboards and wizards do much of the work, giving automated functions for all types of tasks, even technically challenging ones. Plus, the preset procedures keep software and hardware assets current without putting additional requirements on weighed down IT teams.

Unified Management

DSM gives unified management across physical and virtual devices, servers, platforms, multi-site networks, and delivery methods. Brilliant packaging simplifies administration across the varied infrastructure. The distribution packages are set up once and will change automatically to fat and thin clients, server infrastructures, and virtual machines, and can be executed in correspondence in these environments.

Compliance Obligation

Old task-based management mandates IT departments to specify, execute, and observe the completion of all current activities. This loses time and is a cause of failure, mostly because task-based management requires controlling the success of behaviors is very hard. DSM includes policy-based management, with which IT staff can not only save time but also respond faster to shifting requirements. Compliance is controlled autonomously, and any exemptions to the predetermined procedures are flagged instantly so that IT can take required steps. The status of the whole software ecosystem is well-defined, transparent, and testable. DSM monitors compliance with applied procedures and automatically exhibits variations. This means that the IT managers only have to worry about the omissions and will have more time for important duties.