Ivanti File Director

Use what you have-with better control. Ivanti’s File Director allows you to integrate with existing file servers and document systems to eliminate data migration or workflow change and you are able to use its’ context-aware policies to synchronize files and folders from their default locations. Users can access files from their endpoint with one click, even if the file doesn’t exist locally, get end-to-end security with 265-bit AES encryption that doesn’t force users to jump through VPN hoops, and collaborates with Environment Manager to separate user personalization and data from the OS, simplifying Win 10 migration.

Ivanti File Director is fast, secure, and has easy-to-use file sync and storage. It provides your users with an alternative to consumer cloud services, allows you to fully leverage existing resources and workflows to give users a simple, unified method to access and share files, control where data is stored, utilize from any device, and use OneDrive for Business support, and more!