Ivanti Patch For SCCM

When you take a “least privilege” approach, it adds value to SCCM, drives user productivity and provides a great user experience. Now there’s a way to give users the appropriate amount of admin rights needed to get through the day, without any other hassle or confusion across your user base. With Ivanti Application Manager for Microsoft (SCCM), you can provide users with just the admin rights they need to do their jobs. Application Manager for SCCM uses highly granular privilege management to control user behavior. Configure and deploy desktop configurations via SCCM to protect endpoints.

Avoid being the next security disaster headline by reducing vulnerabilities and risks in your infrastructure. Ivanti Patch closes the application-patching gap by extending SCCM’s patching capabilities to include third-party application patching. Applications now represent a greater risk to the network than the OS. Ivanti Patch reduces the risk created by applications by patching hundreds of popular vendors and applications, including:

Adobe (Reader)
Apple (iTunes)
Oracle (Java)
Google (Chrome)

Other Benefits:

Ensure adherence to licensing models
Reduced licensing requirements
Enable application and desktop virtualization projects