Ivanti Patch For Servers

Ivanti Protect + Empower discovers and patches client systems easily, with or without an agent. Enabling the patches for the Cloud Agent feature even allows management of systems that don’t connect regularly to the corporate network. Ivanti Protect + Empower accelerates the software update process from months to minutes. It simplifies the installation and configuration and uses powerful discovery and deployment features. This means you no longer need to rely on time-robbing manual steps to discover, define, and deliver software update packages.

This solution has powerful features for the data center, including agentless patch management and support for virtual environments. Patch online and offline virtual machines. Discover and inventory virtual machines. Update templates and snapshots before they come online. Even patch Hypervisor with the product’s deep integration with VMware.


Comprehensive patch management:
Automated deployment of OS and third-party patches
Agentless or agent patch deployments
Automated patch process management, from discovery to assessment to delivery of
Support for custom application patches
Precise reboot options

Ease of use:

Intuitive interface
All assets managed from a single pane of glass
Comprehensive and flexible reports and dashboards
Customized report views On-network agent
Cloud-based agent for off-network management
The most common IT functions executed with ITScripts

Virtualization support:

Patch online and offline virtual machines
Patch templates before they go online
Take snapshots before patching for improved rollback
Get VM information directly from VMware vCenter
Patch Hypervisor including VMware ESXi™, Windows Hyper-V®, and Citrix XenApp®, XenDesktop®, and Presentation Server™