Ivanti Performance Manager

Ivanti Performance Manager, powered by AppSense, ensures every user is dynamically allocated enough CPU, memory and disk resources to experience unsurpassed workspace performance. This IT performance management solution also makes more efficient use of system resources, enabling vast increases in users per server and saving an average of 40% of their cost on server hardware.

Based on Gartner figures, using Ivanti to reduce the number of servers by 40% will save an organization on average $8,531 per server over 3 years. This can provide a return of investment period of fewer than 6 months and can save an organization $6 for every $1 spent on Ivanti.

With Performance Manager, you get more server performance, more productivity, more users per server, more application predictability—and more savings.


Increased server capacity
Extended hardware lifecycles
Reduced power consumption and carbon emissions
More users per server
Increased quality of service