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Ivanti Performance Manager, powered by AppSense, increases the number of users on servers as well as regulates assets and CPU-hogging apps. It guarantees every user is assigned enough CPU, memory, and disk resources dynamically to undergo supreme workspace performance. This leads to immense rises in users per server and savings that average up to 40% of your cost on server hardware.

Ivanti Performance Manager saves an average of 40% on server hardware costs to expand hardware lifecycle, unite hardware demands, enhance system aptitude, and diminish power intake. This solution provides the stable user experience your workers need and guarantees anticipated service levels, increase user efficiency, and amplifies general user approval.

The system resource authorization secures applications are open to user deeds. The use of desktop delivery technologies such as server-based computing and remote desktops is growing. Assuring that applications are responsive to user actions is essential to adoption. System resource rights let you specify user and application-based business regulations that assign CPU, memory, and disk resources across all application-delivery mechanisms. This promises users will get ideal performance regardless of where their desktops and applications are. Authorizations can be fixed on a per-user, user-group, application, or application-group basis, or even based on session status.

Be certain that your apps are performing consistently whether on a remote or physical desktop or in a shared desktop environment. Intelligent Process Management technology reacts dynamically to altering needs by redistributing system resources, confirming an easy, stable answer from the environment and an efficient working experience for the user.

Ivanti Performance Manager improves the acceleration of business-essential applications enhances workforce productivity. As the use of resource-concentrated running systems and applications grows, it’s becoming a business necessity to get the most out of present desktop hardware. The disk-resource management talents of Performance Manager makes ideal use of CPU and physical memory as well as hard-drive access. Priority disk access can be delivered to business-essential applications, increasing efficiency.

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