Security Solutions

Are you having trouble managing your OS and third-party application patch compliance? Your current method could be leaving your network unprotected. Cyber attacks are happening more and more often so the race is on to implement successful security practices and guarantee you maintain patch compliance. The majority of attacks are occurring via third-party apps, which includes software that installs necessary security updates for Microsoft products and more. Regardless if your computers are located behind a firewall, remotely, physically, or in the cloud, patching your important operating systems and apps in a quickly, effectively, and affordable method is a difficult task. Patch automation, various platform support, third-party application patching, distributed and remote patching, virtualization support, centralized control, and patch compliance all must be included in your security solutions to get the biggest bang for your buck.

The security solutions Ivanti provides allows you to keep pace with the constant stream of security threats and patches. They also help you eradicate weak spots that hackers utilize to exploit. The solutions will assist you in patching your most fundamental client operating systems and applications. If you need to upgrade and simplify patching for clients, extend your Microsoft SCCM solution, or implement all-inclusive patch management for servers, Ivanti has security solutions that are simple to implement and use. Patch all software with SCCM, get application control without the trouble, and strengthen your security with multiple layers of defense.

Ivanti Security Solutions

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