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Workspace Control

(powered by RES)

Ivanti Workspace Control, powered by RES, enables IT to centrally control and administer the user workspace across physical, virtual, and hybrid conditions. Workspace Control drives user productivity by giving employees a common and easy experience that adapts to variations in their work settings.

Simple Workspace Customization

Workspace Control allows IT to build a deeply customized user workspace for employees contingent upon what they need to do their duties; and what they can obtain based on IT and corporate procedures.

Context Awareness

Permits IT to employ the proper procedures to each user’s desktop session, whether that session is presented via VDI, app virtualization, or conventional thick-client construction. Context rules distinguish features of the user’s present state associated with access procedures (like location, network connection type, device type, time of day, etc.) and govern admittance respectively.

Web-based Administration

Workspace Control gives IT a simple-to-use, web-based interface for governing user and application security frameworks and enables the IT helpdesk to fix the desktop arrangement.

File Certificate-based Application Whitelisting

File certificates permit IT to generate rules to whitelist applications from a specific vendor or tool name using the certificates of signed executables giving the same level of protection as file hashes, but with less regulation and a lot less preservation.

Application Whitelist Monitor

Streamlines security whitelisting across a comprehensive, powerful application set by automating the generation and preservation of hashes and file certificates.

Convert Digital Workspaces

Ivanti Workspace Control is an excellent addition to VDI, mobility, and other digital workplace transformation approaches because it presents an automated, policy-based system of outlining individual users to their digital workspaces across devices and delivery platforms. Users can roam easily across hybrid environments for complete productiveness. And, because Workspace Control separates the desktop experience from fundamental infrastructure, IT update projects are simpler to accomplish and less distracting to users.

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Product Description

Provide A Constant User Experience

Workspace Control helps IT give a steady user experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones; while still utilizing the proper resource restrictions as employees maneuver from office to home to the road.

Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

Whether it’s meeting software licensing agreements or heeding to regulatory rules, Workspace Control permits IT to place, execute, and report on granular policy procedures at the user level. IT gets command over user behavior while still giving the needed access to resources to maintain users efficiency, plus the capability to record and demonstrate compliance.

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Support

Workspace Control is compatible with Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR.

Updated macOS and Linux Support

The macOS and Linux agents have been renewed to support the most current releases of macOS, CentOS, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Ivanti Workspace Control diminishes the convolution of controlling the user workspace to give:

  • A more productive and engaged workforce
  • Improved corporate and regulatory compliance
  • Lower cost of IT operations
  • Better allocation of IT staff and skills
  • Greater organizational agility
  • Simplified infrastructure upgrades

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