JAMS Workload Automation

Harmonizing your IT environment can be challenging—servers and applications don’t always want to “play nice”. Re-executing the same job on different platforms is inefficient and error-prone. JAMS automates these workloads entirely. Run, deploy, and monitor jobs in different environments and platforms from one console.

Do you find yourself manually scripting on multiple systems, executing job scheduling platform-by-platform, or waiting for time-driven jobs to launch? JAMS automates these processes—free up your time to focus on other critical tasks.

Key JAMS automation tools:

  • Event-Driven Job Scheduling
    Automatically trigger jobs from events such as file triggers, transfers, and dependencies. No need to manually check dependent job statuses to see if they ran or not.
  • Custom Calendars
    Integrate multiple calendars including company holidays and unique department schedules. JAMS handles varied processing schedules such as a month-end recurring job that falls on the weekend.
  • Sequence Job Capabilities
    Run parent-child sequenced jobs including if and while job flows. The flexible job setup builder gives you unique branching and conditional dependencies.

JAMS is simple, versatile and accessible. The software has an intuitive interface and uses simple calendar language. A configurable dashboard lets you narrow in on critical tasks and job metrics. Drag and drop objects in the job builder to build custom workflow scenarios and define how a job executes. JAMS also offers complete control over security at the folder level—give employees the right job access to safely involve them.

JAMS exceeds the capabilities of other workload automation tools without the burdensome cost, extended installation process, and rigid GUIs. Whatever unique business challenges you are facing, JAMS is the perfect tool to automate your workload at the enterprise level.

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