Ivanti LANrev

Ivanti LANrev’s policy-based management delivers applications, content, and configurations to all of your client and mobile devices, whether they run on Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android. Get integrated patch management, remote control, software packaging, delivery and license management, and detailed inventory and reporting of over 700 hardware and software data points.

HEAT LANrev can turn this painful reality into a set of simple, automated processes using technology that will allow you to manage all devices from a single console.


Mac Management – The best and most complete support for macOS, with traditional agent-based management, and the newest Configuration Profile-based approaches. Deep integration with the entire Apple ecosystem.

Multi-platform Client Management – Native management for macOS and Windows throughout the entire PC lifecycle. All functions supported across Windows and Mac computers.

Patch Management – Keep systems secure with automated patching of operating systems and third-party applications on both Windows and Mac.

Discovery/ Asset Inventory – LANrev detects and reports more than 700 information items about hardware, software, configurations and users on all of your managed computers.

Power Management – Make Green IT a reality, not just a policy paper; set and enforce power policies, and generate power savings reports.

Remote Control – With remote control and screen sharing, operate distant computers as if sitting right in front of them; save time and technician travel, and close incidents faster.

Reporting/ Compliance – Easily build dynamic, smart groups to report on software and hardware assets.

Software License Management – Make informed decisions on software renewals and avoid getting caught by license audits by tracking all installed software, and metering its usage.

Software Packaging & Deployment – Build custom packages for Mac or Windows computers, and install by policy, silently, or via self-service options. Target software to users or groups with policies based on whatever criteria you choose.

Integrations – Out of the box integrations with other tools and resources expands the power of LANrev