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License Optimizer for Clients

Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients is a software asset management (SAM) solution that provides visibility into what software you have and how it’s being used to model and enhance your effective license position. Find and store owned IT assets, accumulate vendor information with B2B connectors, and supervise software usage for knowledgeable business decision-making. You also get a wide picture of how users interact with appointed software applications to guarantee compliance while lessening license overspending.

Find Your IT Environment

The first step in controlling your IT resources is knowing what assets you have. The discovery and tracking workflows in Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients recognize and accumulate information on IT resources in your environment automatically, including printers and SNMP devices. Decide the assets in use and know where you can improve your expenditures. Correct data about your owned assets given at the accurate time enforces confidence in data and encourages knowledgeable decision-making.

Close the Vendor View Gap with B2B Connectors

Eradicate spreadsheets and get vendor views from the second you buy a new asset. Business-to-business (B2B) connectors accumulate manufacturer, vendor, and reseller information such as purchase order numbers, device types, and location mapping. Gather this data automatically from a forever  growing number of linkers like Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Lexmark, Verizon, CDW, En Pointe, and more.

Regulate Asset Naming with Data Normalization

Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients applies a normalization and rules engine that employs model naming conventions automatically to gathered asset information and reporting fields. This removes reporting and administration headaches involved with diverse and convoluted vendor naming plans.

Reclaim Your Unused Software Licenses

Get clarity through software surveillance and understanding clearly what’s in use, when it was last used, and how long it was positioned to decide relevant reclamation workflows and procedures. You increase software licenses and empower users to create license requests for approved software. No over-spending necessary.

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Product Description

Get A Grip On Software Compliance

Software audits are becoming more frequent. Software not bought, kept, or licensed properly puts businesses at risk of non-compliance. The received fines and sudden true-up charges can drain financial resources. Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients gives in depth insight into your present software license usage so you can negotiate more favorable licensing deals, get rid of over-buying of licenses, lessen rogue acquisitions, and bypass penalties resulting from failed audits.

Enhance Your Software Resources

Optimizing your software assets is difficult, especially when dealing with licensing frames that are continuously altered and updated. Now you can improve your software spend and evade the financial hazard of noncompliance by matching your usage information against license rights with support for the most progressive licensing administrations.

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