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License Optimizer for Servers

Ivanti License Optimizer for Servers takes Software Asset Management (SAM) into the data center. It sees through levels of virtualization and crowding, empowering you to settle correctly and enhance your software waste. The tool automates data center discovery, lessening the hazard of human mistakes innate in using manual scripts. Now, you can improve your software license position and guarantee you stay current for constant compliance.

Find Your Data Center Resources

More and more intricate data center environments complicate your spending on software resources. But restricted views into those resources could uncover your most esteemed business-critical applications to substantial risk/cost. Ivanti License Optimizer for Servers automates the finding of on-premise hybrid cloud virtualization environments, including VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, and IBM Power Virtualization. The tool acquires an expansive scope of information, including edition, version, service pack, and build number. It also accumulates perception of installed software, running workflows, services running, and user configuration. Now, you can realize an authentic, central discovery of your software resources.

Accomplish Vendor-Specific Clarity

Ivanti License Optimizer for Servers helps you expose high-value infrastructure software resources from vendors like Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM. Save time and simplify with an automated workflow for creating your Oracle Server Worksheet. Data Center Discovery technology executes deep, agentless scans of Microsoft products, including SQL server instances, Active Directory, and SharePoint Servers. The tool also searches for IBM solutions like DB2, DataStage, and WebSphere, among others, without affecting network efficiency or overhead.

Understand Your Asset Dependencies

Get deep insight into your assets, and accomplish perception into connections between applications, databases, virtualization, clusters, and storage. The tool helps you get the bond between workflows running on servers, and workflows using ports. This wisdom eventjually helps you distinguish where issues among your assets are produced from, lessen fix-and-recovery times. License Optimizer for Servers also includes cause and effect studies. This means that any change-impact examinations led before implementation can rectify unfavorable shocks before rollout.

Streamline Information With Connectors And Normalization

License Optimizer for Servers features a worldwide software library with a lot of titles to normalize data into one source of truth. This is then paired against a strong licensing entitlement engine. The solution links you to any information source through extensible APIs, a wizard-driven connector builder, or a scope of existing preconfigured connectors. License Optimizer for Servers also has data-transformation capabilities built into the platform innately that permits you to confirm data worth and do cures and cleansing actions. You can combine data sources or do lookups from master lists and value substitutes.

Recognize License-Usage Data for IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and Other Vendors

Many businesses battle to pair bought software with those licenses being used. That is why organizations may under-buy licenses, which leaves them non-compliant and unprotected for audits. Or they may over-buy, which drains assets. License Optimizer for Servers applies all-inclusive algorithms to distinguish license-usage data for vendors like IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft. Not only do you see where you’re under- or over-licensed, you get increased direction to lessen costs proactively.

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Product Description

Improve Your Convoluted Software Resources

Optimizing your software resources is difficult, especially in regard to intricate licensing frameworks that are being altered and updated continuously. Now, you can improve your software spend and bypass the financial hazard of non-compliance by pairing your usage information against license entitlements with assistance for the most progressive licensing administrations. This includes intricate data center environments where crowding and virtualization are widely positioned.

Create “What if” Example and Studies

Ever ask the question “What if?” License Optimizer for Servers allows you to generate scenarios for efforts like cloud migration and then see the impact before spending the time and assets. You can specify areas for possible savings and evaluate the impacts of technology ventures, then survey advancements against your IT budget. You can also plan software charges to service usage and construct the models’ thorough features such as asset degradation. Influence authentic user information and resource pricing, as well as particular pricing calculations for diverse cloud providers and deployment models.

Alleviate Hazards With Vendor Audits

Stop estimating what resources are in your environment and take a proactive method to SAM. Reduce the risk of vendor audits that usually end in large fines, sometimes depleting millions from IT budgets and ruining brands and reputations.

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